Juncker Taunts UK: ‘We Have Excellent Divorce Lawyers’

The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker (pictured above) has told a Politico event that he can only be bothered to spend around ‘half an hour a week’ on issues concerning Brexit. He said that the issue did not warrant any more of his time than that. When pressed on the issue the EU boss was reported to have said:

‘I would be tempted to say Article 50 negotiations are now in the hands of the divorce lawyers.

‘We have very good divorce lawyers.’

The European Union has repeatedly threatened to halt talks over issues it claims are pivotal for their continuation.

EU diplomats have hit out at Britain’s failure to agree it must pay a hefty financial settlement for Brexit – even suggesting they would stall talks.

As 98 British officials are facing off against their 45 EU counterparts the bloc accused Britain of not being ‘ready’ for talks over the ‘bill’ which relates to commitments up until 2020.

The agenda for this round of four-day talks includes the rights of EU citizens in the UK – and British ex-pats in the EU – the exit bill and the Northern Ireland border.

The UK is readying itself to submit a crucial application to the World Trading Organisation (WTO) outlining how it intends to trade with the rest of the globe after Brexit.

And London’s case will be strengthened as the document is set to be a joint proposal alongside the European Union, which will need to amend its own membership terms after losing the world’s fifth biggest economy.

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  1. Why! Juncker’s wife, getting a divorce?

  2. kay Butterworth says:

    We have backbone and right on our side.

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