May Tells EU: ‘Sort Deal Or We’ll Send You Nuclear Waste’

British Prime Minister Theresa May indicated that she was losing patience with certain aspects of the EU negotiations last night, particularly around issues concerning the UK’s departure from Euratom, the European Atomic Energy Community.

Now Whitehall officials are playing hardball by threatening to send tonnes of radioactive waste and plutonium back to France and Germany rather than process it at Sellafield in Cumbria.

A nuclear expert told the Financial Times:

‘It might just be a reminder that a boatload of plutonium could end up at a harbour in Antwerp unless an arrangement is made.’

But the UK has found an unlikely ally in the row in the shape of Hans-Olaf Henkel, deputy chair of the European Parliament’s industry and research committee.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, the German politician accused EU negotiators Guy Verhofstadt and Michel Barnier of trying to make an example of Britain to avoid other EU members following suit and leaving the bloc.

Asked whether the UK was to blame over signals it will leave Euratom, he said instead it was Mr Verhofstadt and Mr Barnier. He said:

‘It all started with Verhofstadt and Barnier.

‘They said that they couldn’t be part of Euratom and I think your Prime Minister then took the consequences.

‘Quite frankly both are wrong because Euratom is an organisation which is lasting since decades and does a good thing for both Europe and Britain.’

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