Neil Hamilton Slams UKIP ‘Burka Ban’ Policy and Calls Anne Marie Waters ‘Odd’

UKIP’s Leader in the Welsh Assembly, Neil Hamilton AM (pictured above) has criticised the party’s prominence of its ‘Burka Ban’ policy during the 2017 General Election campaign and suggested that it could be scrapped following a ‘policy review’. The former Conservative MP said that he felt the policy ‘blanked out everything else’ during the campaign and said that was was surprised by the prominence that the party’s leader at the time, Paul Nuttall, gave to the issue. He said:

‘I personally was unhappy about the burka policy that emerged during the election campaign because it was the first policy pronouncement that was made in the campaign and it completely blanked out everything else.

‘Actually this is a peripheral issue.

‘I supported the party’s policy, I defended it.

‘It wasn’t something which I personally would have given the prominence that it had as I don’t believe it’s the central issue.

‘And I think it’s a distraction from the real issue. It got in the way of what I think were more important issues.

‘It is current policy of UKIP but after every general election there’s a policy review.’

Mr. Hamilton was speaking at a news conference in Cardiff and when asked for his views on the current UKIP leadership contest, he said that one of the candidates, Anne Marie Waters, had some ‘very odd views’. He said:

‘The party needs to be anti Islamic extremism, not anti Islam. I think that she (Anne Marie Waters) has some very odd views’.

Former party leader Nigel Farage has also recently warned against UKIP becoming an Anti Islamic party.

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