ALT-POLITICS Says – Steve Crowther’s Brexit Stance Is Too Passive

This week the Interim Leader of UKIP, Steve Crowther (pictured above), issued an update to party members. The memo was a criticism of the cabinet and in particular the chancellor Philip Hammond, over the way the Brexit negotiations were being handled. Here are the key extracts

‘ Since the election, Theresa May is badly holed and unseaworthy, and the Remainer Philip Hammond – who was on his way out of the door before June 8th – now sees an opportunity to fudge, delay and obfuscate until the end of the current Parliament, to try and get the decision reversed.

‘Every time a member state has voted against the EU’s wishes, they have been faced with delays and obstructions which eventually deliver the EU’s desired outcome. This has happened to France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Greece…

‘UKIP will be in the background while the Government is delivering the clean Brexit the country voted for. But if the Cabinet members surrender to Michel Barnier’s threats and agree the Chancellor’s Remainer-driven plan, we will be back with a vengeance.’

Alt-Politics says – This is no time for UKIP to be remaining in the background. The party’s job is to stay completely on top of its brief – which is to deliver the firmest possible Brexit in the best interests for Britain. To do this the party should be leading the conversation, not watching as a passive bystander and then only intervening when ‘it feels it necessary. To be fair some of our MEP’s have been doing that this week with some robust interventions in Brussels on the BBC. However, the driving force for this has to come from the top and we believe that the ball has been dropped. Instead of leading and setting the agenda against any Tory back-sliding the party seem instead to be intent on having a Summer of inward-looking naval gazing. Yes, the party obviously needs a new leader, but it also has to realise that until that leader is chosen the general public are not interested in the contest. What they are interested in is what the party who, more than anyone else, delivered the conditions for Brexit to happen are doing to ensure the project reaches its correct conclusion. This is a golden opportunity to remind people what UKIP are for and why they voted for us in such large numbers just a short time ago. By putting pressure on the government the party can re-establish itself as a strong, firm but caring voice for Britain. Every day that we sit on the sidelines is a day we come closer to irrelevance. We are the United Kingdom Independence Party – Let’s do what it says on the tin!!                                                                                                                                                      Westmonster Dave is the editor of

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  1. Ken Newbury says:

    I totally agree with the above statements.

    Any lost UKIP souls, come join my Facebook group; UKIP WILL BE STRONGER

    Don’t let these weak Theresa May government members, HAMMOND etc, ruin our BREXIT.

    All you foolish Kippers that voted Labour in the GE, get your heads right.

    UKIP are the only honest group that can save our country, regain your UKIP loyalty.

    Ken Newbury.

  2. Michael Dixon says:

    Agree , but can we avoid that tired old cliche “what it says on the tin”?

  3. dixonmg says:

    Agree but can we leave out the hackneyed cliche ” what it says on the tin”?

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