‘His Dark Materials’ Author calls Farage ‘Bollock Faced Foghorn’

Best selling author Philip Pullman (pictured above) has launched an astonishing attack on former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage. The attack came after Mr. Farage, now a radio presenter on LBC, held up a sign on one of his recent shows which read:-

‘Article 50. The rights and obligations deriving from the Treaties would therefore extinguish’.

Mr. Pullman, assuming the comment had been written by Farage, then tweeted:

‘Extinguish is a transitive verb, you bollock faced foghorn of ignorance’.

Only trouble is, the words on the sign actually come from a widely shared memorandum explaining the legal treaty to MEP’s before Brexit. So the poor use of English did not originate from Mr. Farage.

However, Alt-Politics.com thinks that most of our readers will actually be far more concerned with Nigel remaining as a vocal champion of the Leave cause, rather than agonising about whether his use of  transitive verbs is always immaculate. You could always let the author know @PhilipPullman.

Westmonster Dave is the editor at alt-politics.com


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  1. Maureen cavanagh says:

    Phillip Pullman how bloody rude & ignorant are totally classless

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