Twelve Names Now In Race To Become New UKIP Leader

As the race to become the new leader of UKIP hots up, with the deadline for nominations approaching next week, understands that there are now TWELVE members of the party that have declared an intention to put themselves forward. Here is a brief description of the current known runners and riders:

John Rees-Evans, Ukip candidate, said a donkey tried to rape his horse

JOHN REES-EVANS (also main photo above): Cardiff based digital communications expert basing his campaign on Direct Democracy. A strong ‘dark horse’ contender.


ANNE MARIE-WATERS: Director of Sharia Watch but has fought off accusations that she is a ‘one trick pony’ and has developed a full range of policies. Strong contender.


PETER WHITTLE: Current Deputy Leader and London AM. Well spoken and articulate, with a mainstream UKIP opinion. May suffer from being seen as the ‘establishment’ candidate.

david kurten 1DAVID KURTEN: If elected the London AM would be the first ever black leader of a UK political party. Has the backing of Arron Banks Leave.EU organization but still faces a tough battle.

ben walker 1

BEN WALKER: Young and dynamic, Ben is conducting a strong social media campaign. Pretty impressive but probably one for the future.


BILL ETHERIDGE: The current MEP is the out and out libertarian choice amongst the candidates, which will win him some traditional support. Not expected to be a serious contender.


DAVID ALLEN: Kent based long time activist basing his campaign on electoral reform. Some interesting ideas but not expected to feature.


DAVID COBURN: UKIP’s leader in Scotland, MEP Coburn is another one with a classical liberal approach. Charismatic but also eccentric he is a rank outsider.

mike hookem 1MIKE HOOKEM: Established MEP with some strong views but infamous as the man who floored Steven Woolfe with THAT punch and so seen by many as too much of a liability.


JANE COLLINS: The MEP has confused some by entering the race and at the time of compiling this report we are unable to establish her motives.

aidan powlesland 1AIDAN POWLESLAND: Another libertarian arguing for a much smaller state. Seen as a no-hoper in the contest by most.

henry bolton 1

HENRY BOLTON OBE: A former tank soldier, policeman and diplomat. His priorities are to professionalise the party and its structures, and to remain patriotic whilst avoiding discrimination and extremism.

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No Responses

  1. Jeff Taylor says:

    Thought Henry Bolton had also said he intends to run.

  2. Paul Smith says:

    Lets just hope AMW does not get in, That will lead to the end of UKIP

  3. Ken Newbury says:

    I believe that Anne Marie Waters is an excellent contender for leader of UKIP.
    She is no “one trick pony” but if she were, her “one trick” was enough for me.
    Bravo and good luck to you Anne ??

  4. Tony Woodcock UKIP Dorset says:

    Well if UKIP is banned a) on what grounds? b) what would that say but to confirm the soft totalitarian government in Westmonster? Calm down dear

    • Paul Smith says:

      Grounds would be AMW taking ukip to the far right, she is running for leader with a fixed agenda, jumping on the back of ukip to get there

  5. John Smith says:

    If AMW does not become the leader of UKIP, then UKIP is finished because it wont be seen as a right wing alternative, it would be seen as a party of failed Tories.

    • Paul Smith says:

      Idiot comment so far, UKIP is not FAR right, if you want to be far right, go join one of the groups UKIP had banned membership from those groups….. you really dont know what your talking about pal

  6. dixonmg says:

    It is difficult. I worried about AMW but went see her at a meeting this week and was impressed. The voting public may now see Ukip as an irrelevance and, thus, a bland leader may not cut the mustard with the electorate. Perhaps we need someone who resonates once again with the public and AMW may just be that person.

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