Vince Cable Promises: ‘I’ll Get An Exit From Brexit’

The new leader of the Liberal Democrats, 74 year old Vince Cable (pictured above) has today repeated his claim that he can force the government to not only abandon its current Brexit strategy, but also give up on Exiting the EU altogether.

Sir Vince, who is the party’s oldest ever leader, said the Government’s handling of Brexit was taking the UK towards the ‘disastrous outcome’ of crashing out of the EU.
Negotiations were being conducted by a ‘dysfunctional, disorganised, disunited’ Government, whose strategy was devised before the full complexity of Brexit became apparent, he said, and during a time when Theresa May had ‘serious political authority’, something she has now lost.
He said the Lib Dems would work with like-minded individuals in other parties to fight to keep the UK in the single market and customs union and continue collaboration on research with European partners. Sir Vince said:

‘What we now need is an exit from Brexit.

“The exit from Brexit comes as a result of the policy that we have adopted, which is that we must consult the British public at the end of the process.

‘Do you wish to accept what is coming down the track, jumping off the cliff and hoping there’s a tree to catch you, or do we want to stay within the European Union?’

Sir Vince had previously expressed opposition to such a move, describing it as ‘seriously disrespectful and politically utterly counterproductive’.

But Sir Vince has changed his mind, insisting a new vote would not be a re-run of the 2016 plebiscite, but rather a new question in changed circumstances. He told activists:

‘We have gigantic space in the middle of British politics. The two major parties have been captured by ideologues, ideologues on the one hand who hate Europe and on the other hand who hate capitalism.

“As a result, British politics is more polarised and more divided than at any time any of us can remember.

‘What is now badly missing is the basic common sense and moderation and mutual respect that are what British politics is at its best.

‘My aim is that our party and I will occupy that space in British politics.’

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  1. Dave says:

    Vince is just a deluded old man, a bit like the deluded younger man that was the leader of the Lib Dems before him.
    Vince needs to get an early night in the nursing home.
    He is very sad really!

  2. Glenys Hutchinson says:

    He’d better drop the ‘Democrat’ bit from his party name then – the majority voted for Brexit. As someone said today – ‘it’s like being in the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ they just won’t stay in their coffins!

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