Henry Bolton: Man Described as ‘Top International Trouble Shooter’ Lays out UKIP Leadership Plans

Henry Bolton OBE (pictured above) declared his interest in running for the UKIP leadership just over a week ago, and is seen by many as one of the outsiders. Here the former tank soldier, police officer and well-travelled diplomat lays out his priorities if he were to assume the top job:-

‘For UKIP to survive and become a dominant influence in British politics; it must:

​’1.    Professionalise its structures; better select, train and prepare its candidates and staff; improve its planning; improve its financial management; improve internal communication and boost its membership .

​’2.    Involve all levels of the party in developing policy.

 ‘3.    Not be constrained by a left, centre, right agenda. The party must pursue the most effective policies, regardless of where those policies lie on the traditional left-right, spectrum.

​’4.    Establish unity of purpose and vision in the world beyond Brexit.

 ‘5.    Avoid discrimination and extremism.

 ‘6.    Continue to have the courage to debate difficult issues that others fear to address, but do so constructively, working with communities and businesses to define solutions for their problems.

​’7.    Remain firmly rooted to it’s patriotic belief in Britain.

 ‘As leader I will drive all of these internal agendas and deliver meaningful internal change. In addition….

‘UKIP must hold the government to account for Brexit. I will lead by example in doing so.

‘UKIP should aspire to be the flag bearer of choice for all LEAVE campaigns.

​’We do not yet have control of our borders; we do not have control over immigration; we cannot yet sign our own trade agreements and the European Court of Justice still has jurisdiction over us. I will vigorously demand that the government delivers on these things according to the democratic mandate it was given by 17.2 million people on 23rd June 2016.

​’I will lead our party and the country in demanding the government plans, prepares and allocates sufficient resources for that moment we leave the Customs Union and Single Market. Leaving the European Union creates a massive opportunity for this country. However, there is a risk that the government will fail, as it is already failing, to put in place the necessary measures to manage our borders, immigration and trade the day after we leave. The army has a saying: “Poor planning leads to poor performance”.

​’As a party we will be constructive in proposing credible solutions to the problems we define and highlight. I and my team will draw on expertise from within our membership and from outside the party to do so and, if necessary, we will undertake some of the vital strategic planning that the government is neglecting, so that at least someone has done it.

‘Since the party’s inception, the desire to leave the EU, to regain our sovereignty, to manage our own borders, and to control immigration were the aims that united all the party’s members, no matter what other opinions they held. Many people ask what the party will do when BREXIT is concluded and we are already seeing extremes of opinion being expressed within the party.

​’We must carve out a clear place for ourselves in British politics, a place that endures long after we have left the European Union and a rôle which unites UKIP, and which British voters widely support.

‘The Conservative Government is entirely distracted by its problems and is neglecting our public services and security whilst failing catastrophically to address the welfare and wellbeing of ordinary people. The Labour opposition is confused and continues to rip itself apart. Its policies are incoherent even if some are superficially attractive. If ever Labour came to power our country would be plunged into debt and chaos. The Grenfell Tower tragedy has revealed systemic failings that have resulted from decades of neglect by successive national and local governments.  The atrocious follow-up demonstrated a worrying lack of crisis preparation.

 ‘Our communities have been undermined by long term neglect and badly managed immigration and integration have polarised our society and have created mistrust, tension and insecurity.

 ‘The institutions of our great nation have been neglected and poorly managed by a succession of Tory, Labour and coalition governments for decades. As a result they all now suffer from systemic failures: healthcare; social care and welfare; education; defence; policing; prisons and probation services; local government are now sometimes not even fit for purpose. We all know it.

 ‘The country needs effective leadership and it needs it fast.

​’1.    UKIP has a tradition of straight, honest talking; addressing problems that others are afraid to discuss – If we don’t acknowledge the nation’s problems we can’t possibly solve them.

 ‘2.    UKIP is traditionally a party that refuses to be labelled as left, centre or right. If what might be regarded as a socialist solution is the best for a particular problem, that is what we’ll apply. If what might be regarded as a right wing solution is the best then that will be applied. We will not be constrained from applying the best solution by a political philosophy.

​’These UKIP traits are what the nation needs. This is UKIP’s opportunity. ‘Deliver for Britain’.

‘As Leader, I will also initiate and drive meaningful and substantial change in four principle areas:

​’1.    I will improve party organisation; its decision making, planning, membership recruitment and management, its fundraising and financial management – I will introduce long term planning and place the party on a firm financial base.

​’2.    I will ensure that we become a model example of outstanding internal communications at all levels.

​’3.    Our people are our strength and our face. I will introduce selection and training processes that ensure that the people we select for as candidates for election are the best possible, that they are well trained and well prepared to both represent our party and to serve their communities.

​’4    Improving the method by which we determine our party’s policies and involve branches in the process

Westmonster Dave is the editor of alt-politics.com

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