UKIP Loses Control of Sole Remaining Council

In what has been a bad year electorally for UKIP, it has now lost control of the one council in which it still had a majority, Thanet District Council. This is due to the defection of Cllr. Beverly Martin (pictured above) from UKIP to the Conservatives. Ms. Martin said that she could ‘better serve the residents of Thanet’ from the Tory benches.

The defection means that the party now only hold 27 seats on the 55 seat council, one seat short of a majority.

UKIP’s leader on the council, Chris Wells, was dismissive of the development, saying that Ms. Martin had ‘contributed little’ during her tenure:

‘Yo-Yo councillor, Yo-Yo’s again’, he said.

The Yo Yo reference is to Martin’s past defection from Ukip before then defecting back again to Ukip.

Ukip itself previously lost control of the council in 2015 following five councillors defecting over Manston Airport, protesting at the failure to make progress on reopening it. But Ukip then regained control after a by-election win.

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  1. Ken Newbury says:

    We don’t need UKIP members of her caliber.
    She’s not working for the people of Thanet, she’s scheming for herself.

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