Male UKIP Candidates Received Most Social Media Abuse During General Election

New research just received from the University of Sheffield (commissioned by Buzzfeed) has shown that male parliamentary candidates from UKIP suffered the most abuse on social media in the run up to the general election on June 8th this year, when the figures are weighted to take into account the number of candidates fielded.

Former UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall (pictured above) featured in the ‘top ten’ of online abuse victims, along with Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson and Sadiq Khan.

The study examined a total of 840,000 tweets in the month leading up to the election and on the raw figures male Tory candidates topped the list, with 6% of the tweets being abusive, closely followed by male UKIP candidates. Male Labour candidates were next, followed by female candidates from both the Conservatives and Labour on 2%. The figures tend to contradict the mainstream media narrative that suggests female candidates were being singled out for the majority of the abuse.

Mr Corbyn was the most abused politician on Twitter in the run up to the election as he received almost 6,000 abusive mentions with Mrs May narrowly behind on over 5,500.

Mr Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, received almost 5,000 negative messages and Mr Khan, the Mayor of London, received almost 3,000.

Mr Khan was not a candidate at the election but was targeted for abuse in the wake of the London Bridge terror attack.

The top 10 most targeted politicians received more than 70 per cent of all the abusive tweets that were looked at. Also in the top ten were Tim Farron, Diane Abbott, Jeremy Hunt and, perhaps surprisingly, David Cameron and George Osborne.

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