Nigel Farage Says Corbyn Doing ‘A Better Job Than The Tories’ on Brexit

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn got praise from an unlikely source today (Wednesday) when former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said that the leader of the opposition was ‘stronger than the Tories on immigration’.

Mr. Farage has become increasingly frustrated by continued backsliding from Theresa May’s government during the Brexit negotiations, and it has now got the stage where he believes the Labour chief is offering a more coherent approach than the government.

Mr. Farage warned that the Government is betraying voters who supported Brexit because they are keen to stop mass migration. He wrote in the Daily Telegraph:

‘The Brexit-voting public is not in denial over immigration. Many now want a total stop to it.

‘For a nation to rise up against the establishment and secure a historic victory, only to have its hopes thwarted by an out-of-touch elite, is a recipe for dangerous division.

‘It is strange to think that Jeremy Corbyn is now offering a tougher line than the Government when he says he would ban the wholesale importation of low-skilled EU workers.’

The Labour leader vowed this week to stop low-paid workers from eastern Europe taking jobs in Britain once we quit the EU.

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