White Males BANNED From Police Training Courses – Anti-White Racism in the Met?

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The police are arguably the most crucial part of our society – they keep civilisation civilised and society social. However, is it now the case that the police have been infected with an evil wind of politically correct racism and sexism against whites and males? It would appear that this is indeed the case.

The Met police have a recruitment website with various sections on what being a police officer is like, how to apply and what is required. One part that is particularly unique to the police and that really appears to be positive for police recruitment, is their ‘Assessment support’ section, which they describe by saying “We realise that you’ll want to be well prepared for your assessment. It’s only natural. That’s why we’ve put together a number of support options that will allow you to practise for the tests and give you guidance on the interview and interactive exercises.” That seems great, doesn’t it!

Except there’s a catch – you can’t be a white male.

There are two different types of support available directly from the Met to prospective police offers, both of which have an asterisk by them. When you scroll down to see what that asterisk means, you’ll find a pretty awful bit of racism:

Now I’d call that racism. But who cares what I think, right? Let’s ask the Oxford dictionary instead. It defines racist as: “A person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.” Now that can be broken down into two parts:

  1. “A person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races”

Discrimination (according to Oxford again) is “The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex” – meaning treating somebody different based on any one from a number of factors, including race. If only providing opportunities to “Black and Minority Ethnic groups” isn’t discriminatory then I don’t know what is. Because it is based on race, we have established that it is clearly racism.

  1. “[A person] who believes that a particular race is superior to another”

In fairness, I do not see any evidence of this, however, only one definition has to apply in order for it to be racist.

So it’s pretty clear there’s a racist agenda at work here. The same applies for sexism.

But there’s one part we’ve not looked at. They have a third category of support that is run externally by various police associations. “Great! There’ll be something in there for everyone!” I’m sure you are – like I was at first – mistakenly thinking.

As you can see, it’s great if you’re a transgender Muslim disabled lesbian Polish lady but if you’re a straight white atheist male (one of the biggest sections of society), there’s no support for you at all. If you’re a Christian male or an atheist female, there’s likely only one association for you as opposed to as many as 6 for some people. If that’s not blatant racism & sexism then I’ve no idea what is.

It’s important that we look at their reasons for being racist & sexist. They claim that BAME workers only make up less of the police workforce than they do in society as a whole. This I also don’t dispute. But I don’t believe that active racism and segregation is the solution to this problem or any other.

To highlight my point, let’s say the UK hospitality industry employs 78.5% white people. I don’t have the actual statistics at hand but for argument’s sake let’s use that figure. That would mean that white people are underrepresented by 8.6%. Would it be appropriate for a hotel to offer white-only support courses? Of course it wouldn’t. That would be racist and would be stopped – and rightly so. So why is it acceptable for other races to have these privileges?

Perhaps one of the most frightening things about this whole scandal is that the police are in charge of spotting and prosecuting racism so if they don’t see this as racist then how much are people getting away with in society?

It is wrong and we who have common sense must fight it with every ounce of energy we have.

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