Collins Launches Leadership Bid: ‘Members Voices Are Being Ignored’

Yorkshire MEP Jane Collins (pictured above) is the latest candidate for the UKIP leadership to lay out her plans to the membership. Here are her opening comments on why she feels members should vote for her:-

‘I joined UKIP in 2004. In recent time I have watched the chaotic infighting and seen the growing frustration of members who feel their voices are once again being ignored as we embark on a new future for the United Kingdom.

‘In the 90’s I worked with Godfrey Bloom and with hard work and dedication we built Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire into one of UKIP’s strongest regions. We achieved some great election results and I am proud to have helped build a strong party in the North to represent local people. I am determined that the years of hardwork of our grassroots activists will not be thrown away.

‘Let’s face facts. The EU Referendum only happened because of Nigel leading UKIP to electoral success. The other political parties never wanted Brexit. They resisted giving the British people a say for years and they were so arrogant that they never considered we would vote to leave. It feels like every day there is more news of back-sliding and attempts undermine the decision made by the British people. That will continue. UKIP must develop and grow if the people’s voice is to be heard and respected now and in the future.

‘The referendum was the start. For Brexit to mean anything we must not be isolated from the decision-making process. That means winning seats so that local communities who wanted to leave the EU are not ignored, dismissed as ignorant or branded as lunatics.

‘Right now we need to rebuild confidence in UKIP. We need to show that we represent local people. We need to show that we make a difference at all levels of government so that UKIP becomes a party people want to vote for. Most of all, we need to Listen to the concerns and ideas of our Members, Learn from their experiences and Lead UKIP to electoral success.

‘On a personal level I have successfully fought Parish, Local, General and European Elections. I know how to campaign and win. Alongside this I was Regional Constituency Manager of Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire I understand the branches. I know how crucial they are and that any leader worth the name must listen to their concerns, learn from their experiences and ideas.

‘Shortly after I became an MEP, I spoke out about the failures of all those in authority that led to 1,400 children in Rotherham being raped and trafficked for sex on an industrial scale. As a result of speaking out I have been subjected to legal action by three Labour MPs. This caused my personal and family life to suffer and put severe constraints on my party activities. At the same time I have gained considerable experience of many of the problems in our legal and justice systems. The case is still proceeding through the European Court of Justice and police investigations are on-going.

‘Nobody can ever replace Nigel. He delivered Brexit and I want to protect it.

‘I can only do this with the grass roots support.

‘I want to be a leader with a big L and a little l, I will Listen and take the membership along with me, it’s your party!

‘I will lead, listen and learn’.

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