Havering Defeat UKIP Plans For ‘Hexit’

A bold move to take the London Borough of Havering out of the Greater London Authority (GLA), which became known locally as HEXIT, was last night defeated by a vote of 29-10, with 10 councillors abstaining on the plan.

The idea was the brainchild of UKIP coucillor Lawrence Webb (pictured above) who wanted Havering to become a Unitary local authority. He explained:-

‘At the moment funding is spent on things that the Mayor of London wants and not what is necessarily of any benefit to the people of Havering, and so the council needs to take back control over planning decisions.’

But during the meeting, a number of attacks were made against the UK Independence Party, where the proposal was described as ‘idiotic, ‘unrealistic’ and a ‘total fiasco’.

Councillor Josh Chapman (Con, Romford Town) went so far as to say:

‘we need some protection from Ukip’.

‘I don’t think they realise the consequences of what they are proposing.

‘I am very proud to be from Romford and Havering and to have this unique identity of being from London and Essex.

‘Let’s be sensible, because these motions are not a joke’.

Councillor Webb fought back against these claims, saying that the purpose of the motion was to be able to ‘push back’ against City Hall when it came to planning but Councillor Ramsey said the idea was simply ‘tosh’.

Westmonster Dave is the editor of alt-politics.com

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