Labour’s Rosie Duffield: ‘I Totally Oppose Grammar Schools…Er…Apart From My Own Kids of Course’

Labour’s new MP for Canterbury Rosie Duffield (pictured above) is a huge critic of grammar schools. She says that there should ‘absolutely not be any new grammar schools’ as they are ‘clearly not the way forward’. She was particularly scathing about the eleven plus, calling it ‘a horrible, divisive and stressful thing’.

You would naturally assume, then, that Ms. Duffield’s two sons would be safely installed at their local comprehensive. However, both  attended the excellent Simon Langton Grammar School in Canterbury, with one of the boys still continuing his schooling there.

Labour are of course, strongly against all forms of selective education, except it seems when those to be educated are a little closer to home. ‘For The Few, Not The Many’ once again comes to mind.

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