Ignorance Leads, Yet Again, on Government “Green” Policy. Farce and Deception.

The Government has announced it will outlaw petrol and diesel engines by 2040.  Most of the present regime will quite probably no longer be with us by then so what can they lose by offering such a ludicrous proposal?

Electric cars sound nice but recent studies have found there is insufficient copper in the world’s entire reserves to provide the material for the engine windings that would be necessary.  Once again politicians make promises nature will prevent them from keeping.  The hydrogen cell too is proving an elusive entity.  Those that have been developed for buses take up a huge amount of space and they are inefficient.

 Another Way

There is an option that would enable the elimination of petrol and diesel entirely and would not involve massive investment in infrastructure.  The fuel could be generated from the waste arising from generation redundancy manifested by all the “green” technologies or indeed from nuclear power.  The other ingredient is plentiful.  Five sevenths of the planet is covered with it.

The four stroke engine can as easily run, powered by hydrogen, as it can on petrol or gas.  Depending on the method of carburation an engine of the same size can be fifteen percent more powerful or fifteen percent less powerful than an equivalent petrol engine.  The technology is already in existence. 

 The Upside and the Downside.

Hydrogen powered four stroke engines do not give off Nitrogen Dioxide.  They do not give off Carbon Dioxide.  They do not give off Carbon Monoxide.  They simply deliver water vapour to the atmosphere.

Hydrogen powered engines are more expensive to build and conversion of existing engines might be expensive.  However those costs will fall and they are one-offs.

I have raised this issue before, elsewhere.  Some people respond that splitting sea water into its components by electrolysis delivers chlorine.  Chlorine is a very useful substance.  It is the main ingredient of bleach and many other industrial essentials.  The sea is rich, also, in many minerals which could be farmed simultaneously.  Using wave, wind and tidal power and carrying out the process AT SEA and delivering the hydrogen by pipeline would remove the need for ugly overhead wiring.  This is the fuel of the future but only if a little common sense is applied.  Why am I so worried by my last sentence? 

 Nature Has Blessed Us

We are an island nation surrounded by a plentiful supply of essential minerals.  All we need to do is learn how to farm those resources.  Enough energy falls on the land, from the sun, to provide for all our energy needs and many of our requirements for minerals. 

What is needed is the sense to see that we do not need to reinvent the wheel.  The motor car industry can be reinvigorated by using existing known technology and hence delivering a much cleaner environment.

Fools Rush In

Meanwhile today’s (26th July 2017)  Government announcement is typical of the Westminster claptrap machine.  A cleaner future lies in delivering the possible and not the flat earth fantasies of the “Green” sect.  Read more on Wikipedia.

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