Secure Homes Register

Editors Note. You can find this proposal and more at UKIP Direct

I propose that we in Ukip compose a list of residencies (addresses, not occupants) such as old people’s homes, blocks of flats with buzzers & anywhere else we struggle to get to letterboxes. This list would be called the Secure Homes Register.

The purpose of this is allowing us to post leaflets to these addresses by mail. This would ensure that we are able to leaflet homes that are hard to access. It would also save activists from having to even attempt to gain entry to locked buildings and the like, which can be time-costly and fruitless. Our activists would then be able to leaflet properties more efficiently.

I have on multiple occasions had to stand outside blocks of flats waiting for someone to enter or exit so I can go in while the door is open. I’ve also pressed individual flat‘s buzzers for blocks, asking to be let in. This has sometimes been a complete waste of time as I have still been unable to deliver leaflets to the occupants. UKIP cannot afford activists’ time to be wasted in this manner, as we don’t have the army of volunteers that the larger parties enjoy.

I have come across the odd communal letterbox and posted enough leaflets for each flat to have one, but the problem here is that you never know who’ll find them first. If a left-wing Ukip-hater discovers them, they will almost certainly discard all the leaflets to prevent their neighbours from seeing them.

I suggest that we ask for volunteers to participate in a co-ordinated project using the same maps we use for campaigning, with teams being assigned to different areas. We could do this during a break between elections, either as a solo action or as part of a doorstep survey to ask citizens what they want from a political party.

The cost of this plan would be minimal – hopefully, merely the price of postage for the minority of leaflets that we mail. Ukip may even be able to arrange a discount for posting them all together.

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