BY-ELECTION WATCH: Crucial Night For UKIP This Thursday

It is fair to say that it has not been a great year for UKIP at the polls. The local elections in May were a disaster and in the General Election the kippers vote was squeezed both ways, with a large number of their 4 million 2015 voters switching to the Tories to ‘protect Brexit’, whilst a smaller but not insignificant number were also attracted away by Jeremy Corbyn’s land of milk and honey.

Since then the party has been involved in a heated leadership contest and has struggled to find candidates for local principal authority by-elections. However, this Thursday it finds itself in the rare position (these days) of defending two seats, one of them in their crucial flagship council of Thanet.

Liz Plewis is the person charged with flying the purple flag in Margate Central, as she looks to keep UKIP in charge of the local authority, where the party recently lost its majority but is still the largest party. The other defence is on Swale Borough Council, where Richard Palmer (pictured above) is hoping to hang on to the seat in the Milton Regis ward.

The party are at least contesting half the seats up for grabs this week, with Andy McWilliam hoping to win the Loughborough ward for UKIP on Charnwood Borough council. However, there are no kippers to be seen in the elections for wards on Worthing, Kings Lynn or Sevenoaks councils.

We wish the threesome the best of luck and will bring you the results some time on Friday.

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