Labour Councillor: ‘FGM Is A Cultural Practice Which Is Sometimes Acceptable’

Harrow Labour councillor Chika Amadi (pictured above) has been suspended and had the Labour whip removed after a series of bizarre interventions. A letter of complaint submitted to to Harrow’s monitoring officer was yesterday published by Guido Fawkes. In the letter the complainant says:

“At a recent Performance and Finance Scrutiny meeting, Cllr Amadi referred to FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) as a cultural practice, suggesting that it is therefore sometimes acceptable. Many in the room were shocked at her explicit support for such violent practices for which there should be no exceptions.

“Furthermore, it has recently emerged that Cllr Amadi inappropriately misused Council resources. Councillor Amadi, hosted and advertised the “Reigning women conference” on 18th March 2017, 10:45-17:00 in the Council Chamber whilst charging £18.50 per ticket. The Council Chamber would usually have a rental cost of £270 for a non-council event, however Councillor Amadi paid nothing and has not registered this as a gift. The advertisements for the event it listed her title as “Cllr” which is giving the impression that she was acting in her official capacity as a Councillor.”

Just a day earlier Ms. Amadi, who is a devout Christian, was suspended after describing gay pride marchers as being like ‘paedophiles’ and tweeting that ‘God will give you terrible assignment that will put you to perpetual sleep’.

So far can find no trace of this story on the BBC website. We wonder if this would be the case if it had been a UKIP councillor involved in two such incidents. Draw your own conclusions.

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4 Responses

  1. The answer to your question is NO this would have been the lead story all day, that would have been followed up on morning tv next day and everything else it could for week’s on end. ( with no shortage of the usual guest’s comments ).

  2. Medusa says:

    Completed stupidity. If alla creates a person, is that not divine in islime? And to correct allas work is going against him?.. or her?.. just saying.. what moslem has the right to cut up a womans private parts if alla put them there.? Lets face it, its their own weakness they are cutting out of women. moslem men and labour counsellors thinking this way are backwards. This is never acceptable … anywhere. The moslem children and women are kept int he dark and fed lies by moslem men that are too busy judging their women by their own weak and low standards. That is why they cover their women, because they are weak and see women as weaker. That is why islam is a world wide problem, they cant even respect their own. Thank God I am not a moslem. This labour counsellor should have hers cut out to prove solidarity with the cult. There is nothing like a good western man.. moslem men cannot compare…

  3. Maxine says:

    Good riddence to this silly cow

  4. This pond life is what mass immigration and multiculturalism has brought us.

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