Says: ‘Our 10 Questions To The BBC About ‘Ten Things Not To Say To Someone Wearing A Burqa”

Yesterday the BBC posted a video to its BBC Three Youtube page entitled ‘Ten things not to say to someone wearing a burqa’. The clip was supposed to demonstrate the burqa to a younger audience and was part of the corporations drive to prevent islamophobia. has ten questions of our own for the BBC in relation to the clip:-

  1. Why do you wish to openly promote a mode of dress that is seen as a symbol of oppression in many countries globally, to the extent that women liberated from fundamentalist regimes immediately burn this item of clothing?
  2. As the burqa is not required in moderate forms of Islam, why are you promoting something that only features in Salafi and Wahabi versions of the faith?
  3. Can you give me ONE example, since the start of the history of broadcasting, where a muslim majority country has promoted a western code of dress on TV or radio?
  4. One of the things you suggest not to say is ‘Are you being forced to wear that?’. What do you say to women who ARE forced to wear a Burqa and who now see the symbol of their oppression being celebrated as a fashion item?
  5. Will you shortly be running a piece called ‘Ten things not to say to someone wearing a crucifix’?
  6. Do you feel that by promoting liberal tolerance that you can genuinely change the views of those that are not tolerant, and if so where is the evidence of this ever happening before?
  7. Despite being a symbol of male oppression you claim those wearing the burqa are happy about it. Would you therefore be happy to run a piece featuring ten women who have had FGM under the heading ‘I’ve been mutilated and I’m happy about it?’ If not, what’s the difference?
  8. Do you believe that it is possible to be ‘culturally conditioned’ to the effect that you believe something to be in your best interests even when it clearly isn’t? If you do (and we believe you do) then why are you reinforcing this belief system?
  9. Do you think wearing the burqa promotes cultural integration?
  10. Do you think this is an appropriate use of licence payers money

Anyone from the corporation who wishes to answer these questions can tweet me @westmonsterdave and I will be happy to open the lines of communication and to guarantee that your unedited responses to these ten questions will be reproduced in full on this website.

Westmonster Dave is the editor of

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