Gove Tells Denmark: ‘You Can Still Have Our Fish After Brexit’

In an astonishing intervention, the Danish newspaper Finans has reported that Michael Gove (pictured above – he is the one on the right), the Environment Minister, has told the Danish Fisheries Association that their members will still be able to fish in British waters following Brexit because ‘we don’t have the capacity to catch and process all the fish in British waters’. Mr. Gove said:

‘The British do not have the capacity to catch and process all the fish in British waters. Therefore, fishermen from Denmark and other EU countries will continue to have access to British waters after Brexit’.

The MD of the association, Niels Wichmann, was amazed by the news:-

‘It is still very positive and a little surprising that it comes from a British politician so early in the negotiation process.’

The Director of Denmark’s Industrial Fisheries Association, Esben Sverdrup-Jensen, also confirmed Gove’s comments, saying:

‘It is very positive that the British Minister at the meeting clearly stated that fishermen from Denmark and other EU countries will still have access to British waters after Brexit.’

However, UKIP’s Fisheries Spokesman Mike Hookem was unimpressed by the development. He told the Westmonster website:-

‘Gove’s comments in Denmark prove the Conservatives are not serious about regaining our fishing grounds and are instead looking to barter them away around Europe in return for Brexit concessions.’

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  1. Sheila Rainey says:

    What Is Gove playing at Theresa Mayshouldn’t have brought him back on board again she should have left him outside I’m sure the British Fishermen are not impressed with this TRAITOR

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