Lyn Rigby Slams Celtic Fans Over ‘Sick Chants’ About Son Lee

The mother of murdered fusilier Lee Rigby, Lyn Rigby, yesterday broke down during an interview when discussing the hurtful chants about her son recorded by Celtic FC fans (pictured above) during their pre-season friendly with Sunderland last Saturday.

Several Hoops fans recorded themselves on social media chanting ‘Fuck Lee Rigby’ and ‘You’re not drumming anymore’ an act which prompted former EDL chief Tommy Robinson, who was also in Sunderland on Saturday at a book signing, to offer a reward of £1,000 for the identification of any fan that took part in the obscene chants.

The Glasgow club were already in trouble after fans displayed a paramilitary style banner in the stadium at the recent Champions League clash with Linfield at Celtic Park and the hierarchy moved quickly to issue a statement of condemnation:

‘Clearly everyone at Celtic is appalled by these events.

‘Such behaviour in no way represents Celtic Football Club or our supporters.

‘We understand this incident is now subject to an ongoing police enquiry.

‘Let us be clear, in the event that any individuals are identified as being responsible, Celtic will take the strongest possible action.’

Northumbria police confirmed they were looking into the video. A spokesperson for the force said:

‘We’re aware of the chants that were made and are looking into these to see if any criminal offences took place and will take necessary action.’

Disgusted Lyn, 50, demanded an apology from club bosses after bursting into tears at footage of Hoops louts chanting about the slain Army fusilier.

Lyn, whose son Lee was slain in a terror attack four years ago, told The Scottish Sun:

‘I haven’t stopped crying since I saw that video.

‘Celtic need to denounce these scum wearing their team’s shirt and apologise for what they have done.

‘I don’t understand how people can be so vicious about something so tragic.

‘I hope the hooligans in this video search their souls and conscience and realise it’s real people they are harming.

‘I doubt they have had a son or loved one hacked to death in the street. They would not be sneering and mocking.’

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