Ben Walker: UKIP members are the beating heart of the Party

I am a grassroots member, for that reason, together with fact that I have seen this party dying over the last year or so I have made the major decision to stand for the leadership. I do not do this lightly.

I know, because I have seen and experienced it, that the members have been ignored, betrayed and much more importantly, taken for granted. Under my leadership that will stop from day one.

I know I have not held a senior position within the party but I have most definitely cut my teeth in the cut and thrust of local politics. I know that I am not a known figure on the national stage, but rather than that being a minus it is very definitely, in the current climate, a positive. When interviewed by the media for instance, I will not have to spend the first few minutes denying, explaining and apologising for previous behaviour or things I have said in the past.

I am ex forces, a family man and a business man. I have a grasp on the everyday life experienced by the hardworking people of this country, they, we, are also betrayed, ignored and taken for granted by our two party system.

The members of this party who are the beating heart of it need support, and motivation, they need a leader who will demonstrate that they have a purpose, a reason to keep on the fight they have so readily engaged in thus far.

My platform is one of unity, a unity brought about by a root and branch restructure, rebuild and regeneration. This will be brought about with the total involvement of the party membership, no not by a computer programme but by talking, meeting and taking on board their ideas, hopes and fears. A listener and someone who will act.

We are at a cliffs edge. I have to bring our party away from that edge of the cliff to safer ground. We have many more battles to fight. We can only start to think about directing the narrative nationally once we have fixed our broken fractious party. Strong determined leadership where needed, common sense ideas and policies that are radical and speak to the electorate will be evolved with the input and guidance of you, the members.

We have to start again, to achieve the know-like-trust factor amongst the people of Great Britain. We can only achieve that with fresh ideas and a fresh new approach from a fresh new leader.

That leader is me, Ben Walker

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