Steve Crowthers craven centrism is no future for UKIP

So, I guess you have all received our Glorious [Interim] Leaders latest email-nasty? It genuinely amazes and stuns me almost to a loss of words that one man can manage to be so politically schematic in the space of such short a time. For those of you who may have mercifully (‘accidentally?’) hit the ‘Delete’ button; here is the basic gist:

UKIP has congratulated French President Macron for nationalising the naval yards in St Nazaire, to prevent their being bought by Italian interests with close ties to China. Though the yards had previously been owned by a failing Korean company, UKIP described the President’s action as ‘an example to us all’.

Really? Lets get down to the nitty-gritty. Nationalisation of the naval yards at St Nazaire is a long-standing  Front National policy. So, where is Marine Le Pen’s email of congratulation? Why is she not an ‘example to us all’? After-all, it is her policy that President Macron has opportunistically pinched as his popularity tanks only two months into his Presidency. It’s clearly not something the blue-eyed boy of the globalists really wanted to do but if it is this bad now then he knows he has to give the French voters what they really want and increasingly that is looking like pinching the FN’s policy platform.

It gets worse. It eminently clear to anyone with eyes to see that Macron is intent on screwing Brexit Britain as hard as he possibly can. Indeed, he has said so many times publicly. His manifesto called Brexit a “crime”. It is not going too far to say that when it comes to British independence he has pretty much moved the French state to its traditional position of being the enemy of the British Brexit state. What makes the email even more politically demented is at the end of the email he carries on his campaign for Philip Hammond’s head following the transition deal farce.

So, all of this begs the question, why Mr Crowther? Especially as he quite serenely told The Spectator this week:

‘Ah, well — I’m not going to pre-empt the new leader by creating policy.’

I can only, I believe fairly given the organisational straight-jacket that the Party Chairman wants to put the new leader in, surmise that the UKIP oligarchy wishes to shoe-horn UKIP into being a centrist political Party long before the new leader has even had a chance to get his feet under the desk. I can think of a few candidates whose radicalism the Party machine would want to stop; Anne Marie Waters is an obvious one, so, I would argue is John Rees-Evans whose Direct Democracy revolution would certainly put a few noses out of joint. Ben Walker may find, were he to be successful, that the Party machine might want to tame his rhetorical radicalism as well and meld it more to a object of its own liking.

If the Party opts for a radical change in direction, which I believe it should, given the ongoing electoral cataclysm, witness last nights result in Thanet, then the euphoria of the new incumbent might be short-lived and the ‘In’ tray will already be highly stacked. Realistically, if any of the three candidates I have named were to be successful then they will have to be ready to ‘lay their hands on the Party machine’ and give it a firm steer and make it there own. No more room or oxygen, let alone access to the Party email servers, should be given to the likes of Mr Crowther who needs to be totally banished from the top-table because their way has simply failed and it is bringing this Party, famous for its radicalism, for the dash of Nigel Farage in standing virtually alone against an entire continent, to its knees.

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