Labour MP’s & Unions Launch ‘Campaign For Free Movement’

Splits within the Labour party on the issue of Brexit have come to a head with the launch of a new ‘Campaign For Free Movement’ grouping within the party, headed by MP’s Clive Lewis (pictured above), David Lammy and Geraint Davies, along with trade union chiefs from the TSSA and BFAWU.

Their participation in the campaign underlines the tension between the Labour party’s official line that free movement will end after Brexit, and the theory expounded by many leading Labour politicians that migration has forced down wages.

TSSA Chief Manuel Cortes said: “We are fully committed to challenging and fighting unscrupulous bosses who exploit EU migrants. We put the blame firmly on the perpetrators not the victims. We strongly believe that free movement enriches our society.”

A statement from The Labour Campaign for Free Movement said: “Migrants are not to blame for falling wages, insecurity, bad housing and overstretched public services. These are the product of decades of underinvestment, deregulation, privatisation, and the harshest anti-union laws in Europe.”

It argued that free movement was “the best way to protect and advance the interests of all workers”, and warned: “Limiting migrants’ access to public services and benefits, will make it easier for unscrupulous employers to hyper-exploit migrant labour.”

The campaign will attempt to intervene in the internal Labour immigration debate, with motions planned for the Labour conference in September.

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