LBC Hits 2m Listeners A Week – A Quarter of Them For Nigel Farage

Radio station LBC has received a welcome boost from new Rajar figures which show that the London based station, owned by Global, hit two million listeners per week for the first time ever, gaining ground at the expense of the BBC.

Just under a quarter of those listeners tune in to former UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s show, which runs from 7-8pm each Monday-Thursday. The top rated show at the station was Nick Ferrari’s breakfast show with 1.2 million viewers but the stations bosses said that Mr. Farage’s figures were particularly impressive because his show is only one hour long, whilst all the shows with higher listening figures than his run for two hours.

The station also appears to have suffered no dip in listeners following the controversial decision to ditch presenter Katie Hopkins earlier this quarter following comments she made on air.

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6 Responses

  1. Wilma Inches says:

    Katie Hopkins should never have been fired, we need differences of opinion, we can make up our own minds, most of us are adults which is why we listen to Nigel and Katie only truthful people on the radio

  2. Ray Crawley says:

    Yes miss Katiel very much.

  3. Ian sparrow says:

    Go go Nigel,the only man in England that is truthful, sorry Katie, they just don’t like it up them.

  4. Katherine Gladstone says:

    There’s been a vocal campaign from lefties, wanting Nigel sacked from his job at LBC for “telling lies!!!!” I’m so glad these figures have come out, as there is no way the bosses at LBC will kill the goose that lays a golden egg, and the left can twist all they want, but it ain’t gonna happen!

  5. Michael says:

    Nigel Farage is far more engaging than his antithesis James O’Brian. O’Brian has no charisma whatsoever. His program is boring by comparison.

  6. Mac says:

    At last the figures for Nigel are revealed. James O’Brien is a bigoted bore who loves his own pathetic monologues. Katie Hopkins would not have been fired for expressing an opinion when other presenters give their own bigoted viewpoints every day and try to make us accept them as the viewpoint of the electorate, e.g. calling for another referendum to overturn the democratic vote.

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