The Fundamental Difference between Nationalism and Patriotism

UKIP is often branded as a white nationalist far right party that panders to the lowest common denominator of racists and far right hoodlums attracted from the likes of the EDL and Britain First.

But what exactly does ‘Nationalist’ or ‘Nationalism’ mean? And why is UKIP called such rather than a party of British patriotism?

In simple terms, both words mean the following;

Patriotism; Love and devotion for one’s country.

Nationalism; Extreme devotion to one’s country in the belief that they are superior.

The difference is pretty clear. Nationalism is putting other countries below your own, whilst patriotism is simply loving your country full stop. UKIP as a party is about celebrating British tradition, working for independence, and maintaining a strong economy and bringing government closer to the people, all while keeping the pride of being British at heart. Nowhere does the party advocate that Britain is somehow superior to other countries, and nowhere is it purported that we should receive better benefits than other countries, merely that we should rightly focus on our own problems before lending a hand to others.

Yet to the left, we are branded as nationalists – supremacists who think immigrants, both legal and illegal are nothing but a burden on our country and that only British people should prosper. This, needless to say, is simply not true. Former Leader Farage has stated numerous times that controlled and moderated migration can be a good benefit to the economy, but a mass flood of unskilled economic migrants and refugees puts a strain on an already heavy housing crisis and forces wage compression to a massive extent, problems which are directly a cause of uncontrolled migration.

By simply controlling migration to a lower level – not closing all the borders together – these problems could begin to heal. However, the left decries these ideas as racist and nationalist, simply because it advocates putting our people first and foremost, despite the fact that that is the purpose of a government at all – to serve it’s own people first.

UKIP is in every way a patriot’s party – one that celebrates British culture and takes pride in it. It is in no way a nationalist party that puts other cultures below that of the British. It simply states the common sense fact that our government should be helping our citizens first and foremost.

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