BBC In Attempt To ‘Gender Neutralise’ Class Of Seven Year Olds

In a bizarre social experiment for a six week TV show, the BBC have attempted to ‘gender neutralise’ a class of 23 seven year old school children from Lanesend Primary School (pictured above) on the Isle of Wight. The controversial exercise was overseen by Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim, but even he had concerns by the end of the trial, saying that ‘All I’ve managed to do is upset a load of kids and none of this has had the slightest effect’

The show, called ‘No More Boys and Girls’, will be shown from August 16th on BBC2. Educational experts fear that the show could cause both long and short term psychological distress and harm to the pupils involved.

The Chair of the Campaign for Real Education, Chris McGovern, said:

‘There may be a case for legal action against the school and the BBC if any child has suffered psychological harm or distress, either in the short term or the long term.

‘The BBC seems unable to separate fantasy from reality. The fantasy world created at Lanesend school might be permissible in science fiction drama such as Doctor Who, but it can run close to child abuse when translated into real life’

He was back up by UKIP’s Education Spokesman David Kurten, who said that the corporation had ‘hit a new low’ with the experiment.

A BBC spokesperson described the show as ‘a bold, engaging and provocative experiment’.

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12 Responses

  1. Lynn Atkinson says:

    Wow, this is terrible! Why not just leave kids to be kids ? This is social engineering at it’s worst and the BBC should be held to account. This dreadful organisation is getting worse and worse, especially with it’s biased reporting!
    Shame on the school too ?

  2. Anthony Baggett says:

    Someone ought to destroy the so called BBC (there is nothing British about the BBC). If you are reading this and work for the so called BBC you should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. elba1008 says:


  4. Lyn says:

    I’m appalled that the BBC even considered this “experiment”. To actually go head and conduct it is criminal. Who gave them a remit to conduct scientific studies on innocent children using license payers money. Those poor children! And what the hell were their parents think of to allow them to take part. It’s one thing for experiments to be conducted on consenting adults, but no way should this have been allowed.

  5. traitorwatch says:

    It’s time this weirdo riddled outfit was now sold off and it’s core staff of paedo and terrorist loving nutters taken away for psychological evaluation and placed in the relevant institutions.

    And all those who have ever presided over anything remotely paedophilic locked up and the key thrown away

  6. mick says:

    just when there are enough anti social problems around, then the bbc come up and invent a totally new one!! the parents and the school should not have allowed this, but i should imagine money did the talking as usual. the bbc has got more unaccountable then the eu!!

  7. Denni makin says:

    Leave the bloody kids alone they will be fucked up later in life you bloody idiots

  8. Bob Acteson says:

    The joke is – and it’s a sick one rather than a funny – we pay them through the license fee to insult us with this perverted, liberal left propaganda. No wonder so many people are refusing to watch this feeble excuse for entertainment and are finding other ways of watching TV.

  9. Dave Scott says:

    where were the parents of these kids? did they get paid?

  10. Chris Lawton says:

    The BBC have hit an all new low this DISGUSTING ROT!

  11. Simon Nicklin says:

    This is child abuse. I am going to be complaining to the BBC and I urge everyone else to do so too. We must be vocal and not let this leftie exercise go unnoticed. It seems to me that the adultswho are involved in this have a serious problem and should be arrested and charged for child abuse. These children are in the care of the school and it has failed in its obligations. This needs looking into.

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