Farage Tells US Young Conservatives: ‘Brexit May Send Me Back To The Front Line’

Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage (pictured above) yesterday dropped his strongest hint yet that he is about to re-enter the front line of British politics because of Tory ‘backsliding’ on Brexit. Speaking to a meeting of the YAF in Washinton DC, Mr. Farage said:

‘I think the great Brexit betrayal has already begun.

‘I’m hearing British Ministers speaking about fisheries, speaking about financial contributions, speaking about immigration and frankly doing so in a way that is backsliding, is gutless and is weak and I think we’re gonna get Brexit but we may finish up in two years time with Brexit in name only.

‘And all I can tell you having spent 25 years of my life fighting for the cause that everybody said was literally impossible, was bonkers, was barmy, could never happen. All I can say is that if Brexit is frustrated then I would have absolutely no choice personally but to throw myself back into the frontline fight of British politics to make sure that we do really, really get it.’

Mr. Farage has already expressed misgivings about the potential outcome of the current UKIP leadership contest. It is widely expected that if a winner emerges that is likely to take the party in a more ‘extreme’ direction, then Mr. Farage and his fellow ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’, Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore, will launch a new political vehicle with Mr. Farage at the helm. However, if Mr. Banks choice as UKIP leader, David Kurten, emerges as the victor then it is less clear what Mr. Farage’s next move would be.

Wesmonster Dave is the editor of alt-politics.com

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4 Responses

  1. Angela Davys says:

    there is another party starting up that will get the uk up and running the way it should be for the people of the uk not just for politicians

  2. Mrs Josephine Bradley says:

    Please Nigel come back at the helm you are the only leader that we trust thank you

  3. Mrs Josephine Bradley says:

    We need you more than ever Nigel

  4. NJ ANDERSON says:

    I agree with Mr & Mrs Bradley ..

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