EU Chiefs Explain £36bn Demand: ‘It’s To Cover Things Like Neil Kinnock’s Pension’

Brussels Eurocrats have explained the basis on which they say the UK should pay a Brexit divorce settlement, and it includes payments such as the huge annual pension that they are currently forced to pay to former Labour leader Lord Kinnock (pictured above). His wife Glenys and former commissioners Peter Mandelson and Chris Patten also get the annual cash bonus.

Britain has in theory signed up to the current Budget up to 2020.Until then, the UK is supposed pay £11billion a year once Margaret Thatcher’s rebate and payments to projects here are accounted for.

But the EU also claims Britain is on the hook for pensions liabilities for former MEPs and Commission and Parliamentary officials.

These include failed Labour leader Lord Kinnock who became a European Commissioner, his wife Baroness Glenys Kinnock who was an MEP and fellow former commissioners Lords Mandelson and Patten.

What’s more, the EU is also seeking cash to underpin liabilities it created including £45billion of loans to prop up Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine and Portugal.The EU also claims that Britain has played a part in underpinning longer-term projects which go beyond the current budget period.

In addition, the EU wants the UK to help “cover costs of the withdrawal process” including paying to move two EU agencies to another country.

This is despite the staff at the European Banking Authority and the European Medicines Agency wanting to stay in Britain and the country which gets them receiving a small economic boost for having the agencies based there.

Most of all, the EU fears losing its second-biggest contributor.

The EU budget has not been signed off by its auditors since the Court of Auditors started giving an opinion in 1995.

To help cover the costs of losing the UK, some of the countries have come up with an inflated Brexit bill of almost £78billion.However, weighed against the EU’s demands are more than £200billion of contributions by the UK in the past four decades.

The UK is, arguably, entitled to a share of the EU’s assets which were valued at £154billion in 2015.

This includes £37billion cash, £7.85billion in property and almost £10billion in other assets.Based on the UK’s net contribution, it could be entitled to up to a 30 per cent share in the assets, although the EU disputes that Britain has any claim to them.

Among the assets held by the EU are wine in cellars in Brussels.

In 2012, a question in the European Parliament revealed that the European Commission had 15,500 bottles stored with a value of approximately £220,000.

In 2012 the Council of Ministers was understood to have more than 27,000 bottles in its own cellar.The EU also has an art collection worth more than £8billion of which Britain believes it is entitled to a share or should receive money as compensation.

Among the European Union buildings of which Britain is also entitled to a part is the massive Europe House in Smith Square, Westminster.

The EU Commission bought this property for £26million and before that it had been the headquarters of the Conservative Party.

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9 Responses

  1. The Government seem to do what they like with the working mans pension. So how about looking at your own exorbitant pension and getting your house in order.? I feel £52 thousand a year pension is enough for anyone to live on. As a pensioner I wish I could get that.

  2. Douglas Martin says:

    As the employer the EU is responsible for the over generous pensions enjoyed by the above. If they wish to move the 2 EU agencies out of the UK it should be at their cost not ours. Taking account of contributions our share of EU assets would more than cover any genuine liabilities should we accept any liabilities.
    Unfortunately the UK has been betrayed these past 40+ years by inept politicians and civil servants who were prepared to serve unelected EU officials in order to receive generous salaries, pensions, gongs and well paid second jobs.We should not pay anything to the EU beyond March 2019 except small amounts for issues
    we choose to be involved with.
    If the EU continues with their current position we should call a halt and walk away now
    We need a chancellor, home secretary and negotiating team that believe in a complete and early Brexit with no further excuses/delays/transition period beyond March 2019.

    • Michael Osborne says:

      I must say Ientirely agree with you Douglas,I think it’s time to walk away now.We should have done it last year but people dithered and flapped about it.IF the EU want to trade with us it’s to their advantage as they get £70 Billion pounds a year more from us than we do from them.IF they want to cut off their nose to spite their faces,BY ALL MEANS LET THEM.IF they decide on Tariffs for our goods then we reciprocate,THEY are the ones who will lose out.WE shouldn’t pay them a penny for Brexit,the sooner we are out the Better.

  3. I totally agree with the above comments, now they are showing the colour of their flag, lets walk away from all of this corruptness. We should be a dam sight more observant, as to who we elect and are they true Brits. The Kinnocks , Mandelson and others are not, they are out to get what they can and sod the rest of us. I can remember when Kinnock said to the work force , I will never accept a Knighthood . Well what a down-right liar that man was then. If I had my way, they would be hanging at traitors gate for all to witness the revolting side of British politics.

  4. Bill Humble says:

    Folks England saved Europe in WW2. We do not owe the EU anything but their THANKS !!!

  5. Gary says:

    Not one comment on why we’re leaving the EUROPEAN market beggars belief that the British voters are quite happy for their own conservative government to rob and tax the working class while distorting the NHS social housing elderly care homes communities etc but no we’ll blame the kinnocks it’s your own bloody government

  6. John whelton says:

    This is naked and shameless greed. Snouts in the trough. No wonder they wished to remain. What a sad statement on the state of some members of our political elite. How are the mighty perceived.

  7. Alan Bowden says:

    I’m told there are 22,000 people from the UK work for the Eu, and their pensions are £76, 000 so 22,000×76,000= £1,762,000,000 so my question why do they want 39 Billion pounds if it’s for paying pensions, just tell me it wasn’t Diane Abbott that did the sums was it .

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