Wilding Threatens Government With New Legal Challenge over EEA

Anti Brexit campaigner Peter Wilding (pictured above) who, along with Gina Miller, was responsible for taking the government to court over its failure to give parliament a vote on the triggering of Article 50, is today threatening a new legal challenge – this time over leaving the European Economic Area (EEA).

Mr. Wilding says that, as with Article 50, a failure to put a withdrawal from the EEA to a parliamentary vote would also provide sufficient basis for another legal battle in the courts.

Mrs May has put forward a European Union (Withdrawal) bill which, controversially, would hand ministers sweeping “Henry VIII” powers to directly impose swathes of legislation relevant to Brexit.

Labour MP Heidi Alexander told the website M-Lex:

‘On the basis of the bill’s current drafting, the decision about whether to make an Article 127 notification would fall to ministers and not Parliament. I will certainly be looking to amend the bill to give Parliament the final say.’

The website reports that if the bid to defeat the bill in parliament fails, Remain campaigners will then bring a court case in 2018 arguing that it is constitutionally unviable.

A spokesman for the Government insisted that there is no legal need to trigger Article 127 to leave the EEA, as it is intrinsically linked to our membership of the EU and will simply expire with Brexit.

They said the EEA agreement would ‘automatically cease to apply to the UK’ after Brexit, adding: ‘The UK is party to the EEA Agreement only in its capacity as an EU member state.’

The Government has already suffered one Brexit setback this year when the courts ruled in favour of a campaign group that it did need to consult MPs on the triggering of Article 50.

Mrs May passed that particular vote with ease, but since then she has lost her majority in the General Election and confidence within Remain ranks that Britain can be kept in the Single Market has grown.

If leaving the EEA were to be put to a vote, as some Labour MPs are now advocating, it is far from clear that the prime minister would be able to must enough support to win out.

Westmonster Dave is the editor of alt-politics.com

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2 Responses

  1. Jean Ellerton says:

    Just so fed up with people that don’t like democracy – there was a vote, one side wonas normal

  2. Barry Davies says:

    Well he and Millar have been to court they got what they asked for the parliament decided to invoke article 50 on the back of a democratic vote, having essentially glued it into place now they want to alter the decision they wanted, go figure the workings of remainer minds?

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