With the nominations now closed and the final approved list of vetted candidates due to be unveiled this Friday, has decided that now is the time for us to declare our recommendations for the contest. The first thing to say is that we do not agree with the First Past The Post electoral system employed by UKIP, as we feel that it leaves leaders with a weak mandate compared to PR. For that reason we are going to give our verdict for the top three candidates, as if we were voting 1, 2, 3 in a PR contest. So here goes:

  1. John Rees-Evans: In our opinion the only candidate able to unite both ends of the party is JRE. A brilliant communicator and organiser, and a proven success in business, John is not someone that would take NO for an answer and he has both the will and the ability to make the changes at the top of the party that are essential. His digital campaigning skills and his plans to introduce direct democracy mean that he is the right candidate at the right time. He is media friendly and will introduce a new level of professionalism at the head of the party that has been absent in all previous leaders except for Nigel Farage. However, unlike Nigel, I believe that he also has a ruthless streak which will ensure that necessary changes are forced through. He has the gravitas to carry the members with him and to ensure that anything he says needs to happen WILL happen. With JRE at the helm I believe that we can re-invent ourselves as a vibrant new party with fresh and vital messages for the electorate, whilst retaining our role as a disruptor of the establishment.
  2. David Kurten: David is an excellent candidate and it is no surprise that he has captured the attention of Arron Banks and gained the considerable endorsement of Leave.EU – it is well deserved. He has been an excellent London AM and is all over his education brief proving that he is genuine cabinet level material. He has a warm, affable style of delivery, is intelligent and articulate, and his ethnicity removes one obvious line of attack from our political opponents. The only reason we have edged him out for the top spot is that we wonder if he really has the ruthlessness and the backbone to sort things out at the top of the party. We have genuine worries that he may become the ‘continuity candidate’ and that could be a disaster for the party. Having said that, we still like him a lot and will give him our full support if he wins.
  3. Ben Walker: Ben has run an excellent campaign and is, we feel, one for the future. He is articulate, well presented, media savvy and believable and intelligent. Our main concern with Ben is that he is currently unproven. He has no track record of activism within the party and we would like to see him ‘getting his hands dirty’ for a couple of years before taking on a role of such prominence. This could also raise his profile further and make him a strong contender next time around.

So, those are our top three. We should also give honourable mentions to HENRY BOLTON, who has been a surprise package and also has a lot of expertise to offer, and to ANNE MARIE WATERS who has offered an intelligent and articulate commentary on the problems facing our nation. In Anne’s case I sincerely hope that she chooses to remain within UKIP if the result does not go the way that she wants it to.

As ever this is just one opinion. I am sure many of you will offer an alternative conclusion and analysis in the comments section before or, you never know, one or two you might even just agree with us!!

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