Diane Abbott: ‘We Need More Disabled Refugees’

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Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott (pictured above) has slammed Theresa May for not doing enough to take in more refugees with disabilities and learning difficulties. She said that not enough qualify for the Vulnerable Persons Relocation Programme (VPRP) and that this ‘goes against British values’ Ms. Abbott told The Independent:

‘This is truly appalling and a new low in this government’s treatment of refugees.

‘Just over a year ago when Theresa May made her first speech as prime minister she said “a disability or a health condition should never dictate the path a person is able to take”. But this has clearly been a factor blocking the legitimate right of vulnerable refugees to seek asylum in this country.

‘Specifically, figures released by 251 councils under freedom of information laws show that 5,529 Syrian refugees were resettled under the VPRP between January 2014 and April this year. Of those 288, or 5.2 per cent, were registered as disabled.

‘This figure is despite it being widely believed that more than one in five people escaping the conflict are disabled, with Handicap International estimating that around 22 per cent of Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon have serious impairments.

‘Furthermore, groups working on the ground report that refugees with disabilities in countries surrounding Syria often live in desperate conditions where they struggle to access healthcare and other vital means of support.

‘This week’s revelations are part of a pattern of crisis affecting the government’s refugee programmes, in a situation where ministers consistently fail to meet their own promises or Britain’s international obligations.

‘This latest investigation follows reports in February this year the government had temporarily barred disabled child refugees from a different scheme – the Vulnerable Children’s Resettlement Scheme – because it could not cope with their needs, with the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, which processes the applications involved, saying that the home office had requested it put a “temporarily limit” on requests from people with mobility problems and learning disabilities because there was not “suitable reception capacity” for them.

‘Additionally, its comes soon after ministers rightfully faced widespread criticism for closing down the Dubs scheme offering sanctuary to lone refugee children in Europe and in July it was reported that Britain has not taken in any child refugees under Dubs scheme this year.

‘Councils have also criticised what they term the “one-size fits all nature” of the home office programmes, which do not really address the additional support required by people living with disabilities. We also know of cases where central government failed to take up offers from local councils to house Syrian refugees and where councils were surprised at the time government took to allocate them refugees they were willing to accept.

‘In London, including in my local area of Hackney, the government hasn’t prioritised housing refugees because of the cost of living, but as my colleague Hackney South and Shoreditch MP Meg Hiller said, this is misguided as “London is a fantastic place for refugees to come because of its diversity and the range of languages spoken.”

‘As the UN high commission for refugees has said, much more needs to be done to cater for the most vulnerable refugees, including by ensuring we accept our fair share of disabled refugees’.

I am not sure that everyone will agree with Ms. Abbott’s claim that ‘London is a great place for refugees to come’ following recent events in the capital.

Westmonster Dave is the editor of Kipper Central.


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13 Responses

  1. keven S says:

    London is actually a terrible place for disabled. It is very unfriendly the buildings are too old to be adapted for disabled access. It is also a bad thing to expect the country to bring in people who will need support for the rest of their lives. How many citizens out there are not able to get the support they need yet you want to increase the number. Our own disable veterans can’t find adabled living much less any one else.

  2. David says:

    Really, is there anything inside this stupid person’s head besides that one, poor, lonely brain cell? She has proven time and again that she is a complete idiot, and this is just one more nail in the box.

  3. Mick Greenway says:

    Dear Diane,
    If you feel so agrieved about this and you really do feel for these unfortunate people you must make a public stand and show your real intentions. I would suggest that you turn over a proportion of your home and income to support some of these people. The day you actually DO SOMETHING we might take notice. So many of your contemporaries bleat on about these things but when it comes to showing personal committment you bottle it. You are all just windbags.

  4. kay sussex says:

    What we really need are fewer fat greedy politicians, particularly useless, incompetent, tokens like Diane Abbott with her racially divisive outbursts

  5. Chrissycl says:

    There is no way we can take these disabled refugees. The disabled people already do not get a good deal. The government are taking money away from them .
    The health service cannot cope now so it certainly couldn’t cope with refugees needing treatment.
    Of course Abbott would have us pushed to the back of the queue . Stupid woman.

  6. David says:

    What is going on in this racist uneducated woman’s head? We have a massive housing shortage, a welfare system that is bankrupt and we cannot feed and house millions of our own people so why does she and the other PC correct lunatic MPs keep trying to push for more immigration that we just cannot afford!!!! Look after our own first !!!!!!

    • paul says:

      I get the princely sum of £244.80 PW war disability. Can’t afford to live in my own country. Maybe I should take up Syrian citizenship and then go home to UK. Sounds a better deal.

  7. A. Preston says:

    What the fuck is this women on more shit coming out of her mouth we cannot pay for the disabled now they are getting their money cut and this bitch wants us to take more what a moron

  8. What the hell is this woman on , we don`t even look after our own disabled people . Wll somebody please find a deserted island where we can send this woman where she can live along side of people that she can patronise and control without having to see a white face every again if that`s what it takes to justify her existance .

  9. Kaz says:

    Thank goodness this stupid woman isn’t in charge of home office, i know who’s in needs a kick up the arse but if she got controls i would hate to think what her pieties were1 she would have all us british shipped out and put her own lot in .. just like the borough she represents… She is the thickest person Ive seen in politics.. One of the most racist she sounds like she is on drugs, she acts like a complete and utter Cretin I really don’t think she does Labou party any justice at all…. can she not already see our own disabled are being ill treated, But then again this racist bitch would put us uk citizens to the back of the queue… she honestly makes me feel sick every time i see or hear that slow voice.. how is she where she is .. oh thats right she shagged Corbyn ……

  10. marianne says:

    Lady.. if you were really concerned about the disabled and infirm you would be throwing all your strength into helping the ones who are already in this country…. rather than attempting to grab the headlines by showing your “sympathetic and caring” face towards “immigrant” disabled. Most of us can see the “artificiality” of your and the “celebrity/actor” types spouting off about the need to help anyone BUT your own people…… its easy to spout off “holier than thou” statements especially when you personally don’t have to do anything…..

  11. Bernard Fox says:

    We need less idiots like her in politics? The Labour benches are now filling up with uneducated militant louts and uneducated idiots! Who in their right mind would vote these Nazi’s into government? However UKIP MUST increase its membership drastically to get the troops on the ground to fight the next GE. We shouldn’t be putting up membership fees we should be doing the complete opposite to get more members and to gather up the disenfranchised Labour members? As a party we are much more centre than Labour or the Tories, We have sensible policies and lead where the Tories and even Labour now follow as they both steal ideas from OUR manifesto!

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