UKIP: The Real Party Of Equality

There has been much discussion recently about the direction the party should be taking and the image we should present. I believe UKIP’s main slogan should be something along the lines of “True British Equality.”

This must not be merely a façade, it must be applied to every law and every policy. We know we stand for equality but the public do not.

It goes without saying that we need to prohibit the sexist, xenophobic and violent ideology of Sharia Law. We should close Wahhabi and Salafist mosques, as well as those funded by Saudi Arabia, as they promote extremist views. However, we must not victimise modern, integrated Muslims.

We should come down hard on anyone who preaches hate or condones violence. Muslim terrorists are indefensible, but we should also condemn right-wing attacks such as the one outside Finsbury Mosque. The perpetrator caused less harm than the average Jihadist, so should receive a lighter sentence, but he should still be punished harshly and we need to be seen to celebrate that.

Politicians, royals and religions are mocked for satire in Western civilisations. Islam must be a legitimate target for comedy, without fear of sick reprisals from extreme fanatics.

We should ban face coverings in public, but it must be done fairly. Balaclavas, motorcycle helmets and hoodies present just as much of a security risk as niqabs and burkas. They still conceal the identity of the wearer. Obviously, we would still enforce the wearing of a helmet when actually riding a motorcycle and allow outdoor face coverings in cold weather.

We need to continue to highlight how unfair our present immigration system is to non-Europeans. We must not ban travel from specific countries because to do so would make us hypocrites. It would be an inadequately effective measure anyway, as Islamists could migrate to a country that’s not on the proscribed list before embarking for Britain. Instead, we must put every immigrant through a rigorous vetting procedure to determine whether we allow them entry. The criteria would be something like: a) coming for a holiday then leaving; b) rich enough to support themselves; c) have skills or knowledge that we need; d) coming to study a STEM subject. They must also respect British law and culture. Anyone wanting to settle permanently, or for a long time, must speak English.

Refugees would be vetted too, to ensure that they respect our way of life, are genuinely in danger without blame in the country they are arriving from and are eager to learn English.

British citizens should be prioritised before immigrants when it comes to issues like employment and housing. Urgent or lifesaving NHS treatment should be free to all who are here legally, but immigrants would have to pay for other treatment until they had sufficiently contributed to our economy. This is simply because it is any government’s job to put their own citizens first.

We must do more to ensure that women get paid the same wages as men when they are in the same jobs. We must also prohibit companies from forcing female staff to wear high heels against their will. But gender equality is a two-way street. Fathers must have the same parental custody and access rights that mothers do. Women being violent towards men should be just as taboo as the vice versa.

Businesses being forced to fill a quota of employees from each ethnicity are inherently racist. Filling quotas from each gender, sexuality, age or religion is also discriminatory. Positions should be filled according to applicants’ suitability for the role and nothing else (assuming the applicants are British or applying for a skilled role.) A sensible system would be to omit this data from applications.

Equality must prevail within UKIP too. I don’t want Anne Marie Waters to be leader and won’t be voting for her, but she should be allowed to stand in the election. She evidently has plenty of support, so it would be undemocratic to exclude her.

These are just examples intended to demonstrate the attitude we should adopt. Include with all this equality the message that we want to actually listen and give the people what they want. Add the usual common sense ideas espoused by UKIP, such as reducing and targeting foreign aid, scrapping HS2, accountability, Direct Democracy and FBM housing.

I also believe that Kippers should refrain from defaming or derogating each other publicly. We need to present a united front, addressing disputes and reservations internally.

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