The Confusing Mindset of Progressives and Statism

Modern progressive social justice warriors are exactly what you hear about – anti-straight, white, male bigots who celebrate diversity as long as it’s something that strays from what they highlight as the racist, sexist, homophobic norm. Politically, these people are often always left-wing, and are infatuated with socialism, wanting more government intervention to guarantee the insurance of healthcare, welfare and other necessities to even the lowest living standards of society.

The confusing part is that these very same people attack governments that are oppressive or ‘Fascistic.’ Yet at the same time, these progressives are subconsciously enforcing Statism, a system in which the state has significant centralized control over both social and economic affairs, which is strongly in line with the typical leftist value of bigger government and central planning. Now you can ask yourself: Hold on, weren’t there a dangerous number of examples of countries that were under extreme socialism and Statism that were also oppressive and fascistic? And you can answer yourself: Indeed there were!

Because by it’s nature, socialism is oppressive – central planning in which the government takes your wages with a gun to your head, and beats up anyone who isn’t willing to share 50% of their hard earned wealth. It’s the perfect Utopian illusion of something for nothing, and a perfect cover for a Statist government to seize control by manipulating social affairs to seem progressive and supporting minorities, when in reality they simply mess over the living standards of everyone: but hey, at least your lives are all equally tosh!

The most confusing part of the mindset of progressives is that they are subconsciously pushing for an oppressive system whilst claiming to fight the oppression of capitalism as they tweet from their IPhones in Starbucks.

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