Labour’s Chris Leslie Tells BBC: ‘I Think We Should Reverse The Whole Brexit Thing’

Labour MP Chris Leslie (pictured above) told BBC Newsnight yesterday that he believed that there was now a ‘window of opportunity’ to remain in the EU and that this is a path that should be pursued. His intervention came after plans were announced for an ‘interim’ customs union arrangement from March 2019. Mr Leslie told the programme:-

‘Let’s think about reversing the whole thing. It’s not too late.

‘There’s a reversal of the whole Brexit process and I think we could still go in that direction’.

Mr. Leslie also had praise for the Chancellor Philip Hammond:-

‘I think that he (Philip Hammond) has done a good job in trying to water down Brexit as much as possible’.

Mr. Leslie did not make any reference to the fact that 52% of the public had voted to Leave the EU in a free and fair vote, and did not suggest that the public should be consulted again before following his suggestions.

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  1. Christopher Michael Baksa says:

    Let them do as they please so the elections will take a complete different turn about in UKIPs favour.

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