Marion Mason Launches UKIP Leadership Campaign

It could be argued that Marion Mason (pictured above) has been the least prominent so far of the eleven hopefuls contesting the UKIP leadership. She has been very quiet on social media and has not been a regular presence at the various hustings so far.

However, today she has set up her campaign website and she has now issued her main campaign statement, which we print in full:

‘I want to become UKIP’s leader to help move our party forward, we, together, can achieve this despite the recent problems in the party. Several times in the past, whilst standing as a candidate, members of the public and media have asked if UKIP will exist after Brexit. I have always responded to this very positively by saying that UKIP is an established political party and as such will continue to be a major player.

‘Nigel succeeded in his objective of securing a referendum and a leave vote for which he will be permanently in British history. I would hope and expect there to be a place/role for Nigel in UKIP. A different style of leadership is required. My vision is to involve members more in policy formation; I have already expressed this wish and mode of operation to achieve this at the NEC.

‘We have the opportunity to attract former labour voters with our real policies and to capture the centre ground more by continuing to advocate them alongside continuing to advocate a reduction in foreign aid and utilise part of this for the NHS and elderly care. When visiting relatives in the north of England, even before the referendum, I observed that there was a lot of support for UKIP and I have a strategy in mind for pursuing this and opening more branches in the North.

‘I am content with the present NEC structure but would like to canvass member’s views on several issues. Eventually without MEP’s, we will be reliant on grass roots members to be spokespeople. A further role for the NEC could be to assess the merits of those who seek this position. We have a wealth of expertise and knowledge amongst our members. I would like to see our by-election strategy improved by speedier adoption of a candidate.

‘ I want to improve and expand our health policy. As a nurse and member of our health committee back in 2009, I have attempted to introduce many more aspects of an extended health policy. This is one of the failures of the conservatives with the NHS, social and elderly care. We can expand upon this by making UKIP the “Champions of The NHS”. I have formulated additional health policy issues that we can put forward including an elderly care funding policy.

‘All of this will improve our image and present a different winnable image. None of this can be achieved without all of us in UKIP working together and moving forward from the “cliff edge” position we have been in for the past year’.

Along with all the other candidates we thank Marion for putting herself forward to serve UKIP and its membership and we will follow her developing campaign with interest.

Westmonster Dave is the News Editor of Kipper Central.

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