UKIP Mayor Says Britain First Rally ‘Not Welcome’ In Ramsgate

The UKIP Mayor of Ramsgate, Cllr. Trevor Shonk (pictured above), has slammed plans by the leaders of Britain First to hold a rally in the town in October and told them that the party is ‘no welcome’ to campaign in the Kent town.

The Britain First activists revealed they would be holding a rally in Ramsgate in relation to the conviction of four men who gang-raped a teenager. 

Britain First and other groups have been actively campaigning around the trial since the men were arrested after the horrific crime which took place above 555 Pizza and Kebab, in Northwood Road, in September last year.

But Cllr Shonk, UKIP, has slammed their latest plans to hold a rally in Ramsgate and said they would not be welcome. He said:

‘This is the problem with this country, people forget that the law is the law and it is final.

‘Hopefully the law is upheld again and sentencing is significant in this situation.

‘But people shouldn’t be taking these things into their own hands.

‘We have all read all the awful stories about that case, it is terrible but the law should be left to take its course without all this far right stuff.’

Britain First announced plans to hold a gathering outside Ramsgate railway station on October 14, with a number of key figures from the group pipped to appear, including leader Paul Golding and deputy leader Jayda Fransen.

A flyer announcing the Ramsgate protest reads: “Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen and Steve Lewis are being persecuted for exposing the Ramsgate migrant rapists.”

The exact details of the gathering are not yet known, but the group is known for holding public rallies and marches – though they are often shut down by police.

The group has protested outside the takeaway before, banging on the windows and shouting at shop staff.

But Cllr Shonk said their protests do more damage to the country than good:-‘

I’m not against protests, you can campaign in a nice way but Britain First don’t do that.

‘We seem to be a very divided country at the moment and this does not help anyone.

‘I am not supportive of this protest in any way. The law of the country comes first.

‘My doors are open to help anyone from all over. We are diverse here in Ramsgate and I’m proud of that.

‘It is a wonderful place and the negativity of groups like Britain First is not welcome.’

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2 Responses

  1. Christopher Michael Baksa says:

    Just because he closes his eyes to what is really going on doesn’t mean the indigiounous person of this country has.

  2. malcolm goodger says:

    So diverse he ants to stop freedom of speech, freedom to protest.. makes me wonder if he’d allow muslims to march through the town…. of course he would it will help with votes.. the mayor is scum a traitor to the people

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