Al-Qaeda Tells British Jihadis To ‘Derail Trains’

The latest threat to British citizens security may no longer come from the air, or from cars and trucks, but from the railways. The latest edition of the magazine Inspire, produced by terror group Al-Qaeda, tells its supporters to attack railways in Britain, France and the USA.

Securing thousands of miles of track in the UK was ‘practically impossible’ and attacks would cause ‘great damage and destruction’, the terrorist group said in the magazine.

The Jihadis offered to show how to make a ‘derail tool’ and said any attacks would force Governments to impose the airport-style security measures on rail travellers.

The threat is understood to being taken seriously by British and American intelligence agencies who are said to be ‘working closely’ to combat it.

Whitehall sources said they are increasingly concerned that travelling by rail was ‘one area of public transport which is worryingly yet to be exploited’.

One source said the Armed Forces were prepared to support police and ambulance services if there were an attack. The source said:

‘It is a worrying indication of al-Qaeda’s continuing commitment to cause disruption to the way of life in Britain and in America.’

Al-Qaeda was looking at the ‘weaponising of basic transport systems in the same vein as an aeroplane being used as a weapon’, in a reference to the terrorist group’s attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001.

A major worry for London and Washington is that as Isis – or Daesh – loses influence in the Middle East, al-Qaeda will become more of a threat.

The source said: ‘The Government is very concerned that as Daesh is squeezed, al-Qaeda remains the growing capability and those who are committed to the Jihadist cause are moving across to al-Qaeda.’

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  1. Freddy Vachha says:

    A ghastly prospect, given the relative ease of commission.

    Who exactly got us into this mess, with – at last official estimate – 23,000 potential violent jihadis freely moving within our borders?

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