BBC News: ‘If A White Person Posts A Black Emoji They Are An Explicit Racist’

An online clip run by the BBC News website has suggested that white people who post online reaction GIF’s featuring dark-skinned characters are guilty of ‘digital blackface’ and ‘explicit racism’.

The clip, presented by Guardian commentator Victoria Princewill, starts with historic footage of the black & white minstrels show but first posts a ‘trigger warning’ saying that some viewers might finds the clips offensive and traumatic.

Ms. Princewill says that those white people that use the black emojis are guily of ‘cultural appropriation’ and are effectively the 21st century version of the sort of racism that we saw in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Ms. Princewell says:

‘Black people are not here for other people’s entertainment. We’re not symbols of excessive emotion. And we aren’t here to make (white people) look more sassy, more sexy or more street.

‘We don’t want to be seen as having two-dimensional personalities. Let us decide for ourselves how we wish to be perceived.’

The video finished by insisting the views expressed are those of Ms. Princewill and encouraging viewers to share their own perspective in the comments.

The appearance of the video will do little to appease those who call for the BBC licence fee to be scrapped, accusing the corporation of following a ‘narrow, politically correct agenda’.

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