Confusion over STV vote for leader 

We had previously reported that the upcoming leadership vote was to be a vote by a Single Transferable Vote. This was the commonly accepted position and Bill Etheridge amoung others reported this to be the case.

However, there now appears to be some doubt over whether this will be the case. Candidates have apparently received no official notification of this being the case as the email sent out after the NEC meeting did not state this would be the case. Officially, the matter is still said to be under consideration.

This needs to be clarified as soon as possible. Personally, although I understand the anger of those who are annoyed we have ‘switched horses’ from First Past the Post mid-campaign, as it were, I do feel STV would be a better system as with such a wide field it would produce a leader with a mandate to lead.

Also, as keen proponents of Proportional Representation there is an important point about practicing what we preach. However, a decision does need to be made urgently so  there is clarity for members and campaigns. Watch this space as we will be following this story closely.

UPDATE: The returning officer Piers Wauchope has now indicated that, as agreement could not be reached between all eleven candidates, the contest will indeed now be contested under First Past The Post (FPTP). The reason given was to avoid the possibility of a legal challenge from one of the candidates.

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  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    This kind of confusion is exactly why we lost S O T, we need to send out the message “Must do better”.

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