Anti-Brexit Party To Launch September 9th – ‘Leader’ In Meltdown

Former Brexit department Chief of Staff James Chapman (pictured above) has announced that he is going to launch his new Anti-Brexit political party, The Democrats, at the People’s March for Europe in London on September 9th. The new party is promising to reverse the Brexit decision without a second referendum.

However, the state of mind of the man who wants to lead the new party is being called into question after a series of bizarre tweets from Mr. Chapman over the past 48 hours. He has been laying in to his former colleagues, calling David Davis ‘work shy, a bully and a drunk’ He also called Boris Johnson and other senior Tories ‘Nazis’ and said that he was going to ‘push Theresa May into the sea’.

Altogether 500 tweets were sent yesterday from Mr. Chapman’s account. He is currently staying in Greece and admitted to being ‘lashed’ in the final tweets. His twitter feed @jameschappers was deleted at 2.04 am this morning (Thursday). Friends had been urging him to ‘give someone your mobile phone’ all day yesterday and Channel 4 News pulled out of a scheduled interview with Mr. Chapman yesterday evening.

Earlier Mr. Chapman had said that Sir Vince Cable would be joining him to help launch the new party, something Mr. Cable later denied.

Mr. Chapman, who is also former political editor at the Daily Mail and worked for George Osborne, said he had done his best to make the exit plan work but ‘it won’t’. He said:-

‘I did my best to make Brexit work for a year – and it won’t. There is no upside and it is clear that every sector of our economy will suffer for decades to come. Project Fear is Project Fact.

‘The first duty of our politicians is to stand up for the interests of their constituents – and that means sound money and job opportunities for all. The MPs that have left Britain careering towards a cliff worse than Black Wednesday have failed in that duty and are guilty of misconduct in public office.

‘The march on Parliament will be for members of all parties and none – but I will be announcing my intention to lead a new party, the Democrats, which will reverse Brexit with no second referendum.


‘It’s time for all of those with consciences to put nation before country and make sure we are Great Britain once again – not the Little Britain of Nigel Farage and Vladimir Putin’s wet dreams.’

When Davis was speaking on Tuesday, Chapman claimed on Twitter that he had been ‘working a three day week since day one’.

Asked what he made of Mr Chapman’s recent suggestion that the Brexit department is ‘in chaos’, Davis told LBC radio: ‘James when he came to me was, I mean he was a Remainer, we knew that.But he did a good job, he was a good chief of staff. I’m not going to criticise him, I just don’t do that, I’m afraid.’

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  1. Redmond Mocke says:

    Are they going to resign and force a Bi-election?

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    Sounds like just another Tory Remoaner who’s flipped his lid. Next?

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