Government Confirms Visa-Free Travel To Continue For EU Citizens Post-Brexit

The government’s second Brexit position paper has confirmed that there are no current plans to restrict EU nationals from travelling to the UK after it leaves the European Union. Instead, a visa system will be introduced for jobs and there will be restrictions on the issuing of new national insurance numbers and social security claims, but there will be no barriers on EU nationals entering the country.

In practice it will mean there will be no passport checks, no CCTV cameras, and no checkpoints at the 300-mile border for EU nationals – despite repeated promises of ‘taking back control’ of the UK’s borders after Brexit during the referendum campaign last year.

Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader, accused the Government of ‘bowing to EU demands’, adding: ‘The operation of the land border between the north and south (of Ireland) should be none of their business.

‘That the Government would willingly allow EU national to freely move into UK territory is of concern’.

The Government, however, believes restricting the availability of jobs to EU nationals and access to social security will deter many from making the journey.

Speaking on Wednesday, Theresa May repeated her insistence that the UK Government does not want to “see a return the borders of the past” and that “we are able to ensure the crucial flow of goods and people between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is able to continue in the future”.

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  1. No I don’t agree with visa free travel for EU citizens, because there would be no proper checks and probably no border control. As far as restricting availability of jobs, national insurance numbers being issued and social security claims, this should have happened in the first place, and it’s too late now! This sounds like another EU ultimatum, which our government should refuse.

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