Immigration! The Old! The Disabled! Where will the scapegoating end? UKIP should lead.

Events in Victoria in the USA prompted me to write this.  It is an example of how Government policy, over generations, can ultimately lead to a total breakdown of law and order.  However I am not about to go into the ins and outs of that situation.  I want to address the broader issues involved.


No UKIPper, worthy of the name, has any place in their heart for hatred towards any individual or group of individuals.  UKIP, if anything, is and must surely be an altruistic libertarian party.

That means allowing as much freedom as can be achieved where such freedom does not inflict a loss of freedom for others.  It means the development of structures that care for the weakest, in our community, delivered in the most cost effective manner possible.  It also means a taxation policy that is unobtrusive and fair and inexpensive to collect as feasible.  (Click to see my article: [The Truth About Taxes] for details)

None of this is consistent with targeting or scapegoating groups or individuals.

Establishment Hypocrisy

The hypocrites in the present Establishment, politicians, the press, the media consistently scapegoat groups while protesting in the name of “Diversity”.  The fashionable group to target is the elderly and in particular the “baby boomers”.  I was born at the end of the “baby boom”.  I endured acute hardship in my childhood as Britain paid the cost of the first and second world wars.  While most people endured a degree of hardship mine was exacerbated by family circumstance.

Blame the Old!

Faced with a problem of their own making concerning the financing of further education, Government has been blaming the old for pretty well everything.  It blames the problems of the NHS on “an aging population”.  It sits on its hands as its lackeys in the press bleat about the unfairness of the student loan system.

Inflict on the Young!

“Baby boomers” are the first to protest at the unfairness of the student loan system.  It has arisen due to a half baked, ill thought out policy of the Blair regime and the failure of the Conservatives to remedy it.  It has arisen due to a dishonest scheme to take borrowing off the Public Sector Borrowing Requirement and transfer that into the name of students.  At the same time most of the money will have to be repaid by the State.  Those loans should be recorded as Public Sector Borrowing.  It is just that the State is borrowing from students.

This student loan scheme is the most dishonest action any Government has pursued in my lifetime.  The old, however are not to blame.  A number of remedies are simple enough.  At the very least student loans should be interest free.   That way the State would not get off scot free and the PSBR would be a more honest statement of fact.  This policy is the result of dishonest politicians offering a promise the nation could not afford and which, originally, was intended to take millions off the unemployment figures.

NHS Under Stress!

Are the problems of the NHS due to “an ageing population”?  No!  The problems of the NHS are the way it is organised (click to see my article: [“NHS: A suitable Case for Treatment”] for more) and uncontrolled massive increases in population.  Those increases are due almost entirely to the mass immigration that has been a deliberate plank of Government policy for the last 60 years.

All the old order parties are responsible.  Are immigrants to blame?  No!  The blame lies with those who have exploited them.  The list is quite short:  Government, The Civil Service, Politicians, The Press, The media, Big business, The EU, Organised crime (people traffickers, drug traffickers etc.)

The reason for Government policy has been a refusal to address the structural problems within our economy.  90% of those problems derive from our creaking overly complex, expensive to administer taxation and benefits systems.  Simpler, fairer taxes reduce the need for expensive benefits systems!

Birds of a feather stick together.  Perhaps that is why our old order politicians have taken no effective action against the people who have exploited, often very vulnerable people, in their attempts to undercut the living standards of the people of the United Kingdom rather than create an environment where it is possible to prosper.  All parties of the old order have accidentally conspired to damage or destroy the wealth creating process.

The Dire Result of Government Policy

The net effect, however, is a large contingent of people living here who do not subscribe to the traditional values the British hold dear.  They are people who are not happy to be here since they have been removed from their comfort zone.  They feel isolated from their cultural heritage, as indeed they are.  Their offsprings feel no affiliation with either this nation or the nation of their ancestors.

Naturally these people set out to build fortresses where their own cultures dominate and hence ghettoes are created where the indigenous population feel reluctant to enter.

These places seem alien and to exude a visible hostility towards the people who built this great nation.  All of this was predicted by my former MP.  All of these symptoms became clear in the 1950s when whole areas became unrecognisable as part of Britain in earlier waves of mass migration that seem almost trivial set against the invasion we have experienced from Eastern Europe.

The warnings were there.  They were stated.  They were ignored and now they are being ignored again.  The situation that has been created is the seed of what is to come.  Resentment at these foreign enclaves is building and the stability of our society is under threat.  Government is sitting on its hands.

When UKIP seemed to threaten to remove the Conservatives from power a reluctant ineffectual Prime Minister caved in and gave us a referendum on the EU.  The people chose.  The people said “Enough is enough!” and then Government set about trying to dilute the outcome.

Religious Differences

Much has been made of Islam as a component of the problem.  Leftist zealots chastise those who refer to it.  Rightist zealots blame all on this one issue.  Unpicking this is not easy.

Most people who think of themselves as “Moslem”, in my view, are nothing of the sort.  They have simply been born into a culture.  In the same way most people who claim to be Christian are nothing of the sort.  If the people who subscribe to various religions actually studied what they had joined up to they would, no doubt, recoil in horror.  Unfortunately they are signed up and as with politics they never read the small print.

It is increasingly clear, however, that Islam contains evil sects who are reviving mediaeval teachings which were intended for a different age, a different scenario and which are a threat to the stability of nations and world peace.  A foreign power, to whom we sell arms, is implicated in a deliberate process of undermining this and other States.  Another sect is busy waging war in the Middle East while making sporadic attacks on most societies in the world.  Both of these are a threat to our society and Government is making no serious attempt to counter the threats they create.

Meanwhile, in my view, there are many who protest in the name of Christianity, but deliver a distorted, selective and blinkered interpretation.  Often what they teach is completely contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Whatever you may believe our society is based on the very sound teachings of this historic character.  You do not need to believe in the religion to recognise the very strong principles it taught and which are the basis of a stable and viable society.

Should we blame the people who innocently, but blindly, follow what they are fooled into believing or should we blame the corrupt regimes that have led them?  I suggest we blame the latter.  Laying the blame, however, leads us nowhere.  Identifying the cause does provide clues to the remedy.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Ideally we get rid of the old order politicians and elect a Government with the will to resolve the problems  That is going to take a while  and while the grass is growing the horse is starving.  “If I wanted to go to Tiperary, I would not start from here!”  So how can we ensure Government is forced to move down a sensible path?

The answer is to make sure UKIP becomes, again, a strong movement with a popular following. When UKIP appears strong Governments bend their policies to counter that strength.  UKIP policies will, again, be adopted by the old order parties in an (arguably futile) attempt to prevent the march of this new Altruistic Libertarian party.

In practical terms this means UKIP has to deal with its rabid wing.  It does not mean mealy mouthed emulations of the old order when condemning the raving outpourings of extremists that seek to attach themselves to our cause.  It means strong ethical pronouncements and the expulsion of the “rabieds” if they bring the party into disrepute.

Above all UKIP has to be seen to be a party of reasonable people with the highest ethical standards offering pragmatic solutions based on realistic assessments of the evidence.  It has to be seen as a responsible party with sound management of its own affairs.

The leadership contest has delivered us with eleven candidates who each claim they can offer this sound management.  Their proposals need to be scrutinised with great care.  Much of what is on offer is pure wishful thinking. That is the way of the old order parties and not something UKIP should countenance.   Where a promise is made then evidence of its feasibility needs to be produced or it should be dismissed as a castle in the air.  If there has been no feasibility study then it is empty rhetoric.  It is no more than a wish list.

The Solutions

That would begin another article entirely.  The obvious speedy solutions would be politically difficult given the grip the Establishment still has on the media.  Reasonable proposals, such as assisting those who had migrated and who had found it a mistake, remain in the zone of the taboo.  Remedying the catastrophic effects of our tax system seems a distant hope.  UKIP has to put forward its policy and hope its clothes will be stolen, as before, by the old guard.  Infusing ideas can be more effective than actually achieving power.  Power and the process of lusting after and seeking it has a tendency to corrupt.


For an interesting take on the problems in Victoria, however you might like to see what this Black American man had to say [LINK]


© PJW Holland MMXVII

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