John Rees-Evans Hits Back At Daily Mirror ‘Attack Piece’

UKIP Leadership hopeful John Rees-Evans (pictured above) has hit back at an article appearing in today’s Daily Mirror that accused the Welsh based candidate of holding a bizarre set of policy positions.

The MSM paper had particularly drawn attention to a recent appearance in Leigh by Mr. Rees-Evans in which he outlined a plan to use £12 billion of current foreign aid money to offer ‘incentives’ to people to re-locate to other countries from Britain. The plans were aimed at those who enjoyed a ‘historical connection’ with another country or who enjoyed ‘dual nationality’ status and was designed to encourage entrepreneurship and boost the economies of the returning countries, whilst easing pressure on service and jobs in the UK. By offering an individual £9000 to re-locate, Mr. Rees-Evans claimed that the scheme could reduce immigration by ‘up to a million a year’.

Mr. Rees-Evans told the meeting of UKIP members in Leigh:

‘We’ve got a lot of talented people, originally from Commonwealth countries, in our country who know how to run businesses who’d be perfectly capable of establishing trading relationships in their country of origin.’

‘We would reduce the cost of living in this country and we’d incentivise people who are not doing particularly well in this country to leave and return to their country where they can create a thriving business and improve our lives here in Britain.’

The Mirror claimed that the scheme was targetted specifically at ‘British Indians’ but Mr. Rees-Evans rejected the claims:-

‘Apparently, I am being accused of wanting to send people of a particular country, or countries, abroad. This is absolutely not the case. I would therefore like to be very clear in terms of exactly what I am proposing.

‘Britain Should Create a Fast-Track Import-Free Exporters’ Scheme with a 10 Year Sunset Clause.

‘We cut Foreign Aid from £13.3 billion to £1 billion. We use the £1 billion as an emergency fund for international disaster relief. And since the British public are already generally of the view that this budget should be spent to stimulate trade between Britain and developing countries, we use the £12.3 billion annual savings as follows.

‘We incentivise families to the extent of £10,000 per person, (including men, women and children of business families), to relocate to countries of their choice, where they are able to obtain residency. (It should be noted that many UK residents already have dual residency).

‘Of this £10,000, £6,000 is given up front subject to the project commission’s approval of the exporter’s proposed business plan, and their having demonstrated competence to comply with agreed international trading standards for products imported into Britain.

‘On successful completion of the export project, that is, once the exporter has successfully exported into Britain a pre-agreed value of product, the exporter receives £3,000 per person, with a further £1,000 paid towards a private health insurance scheme, ensuring the applicant receives the best possible level of healthcare available in the country to which they relocate.’

The Mirror piece also criticises Mr. Rees-Evans for holding ‘traditional views’ about women and suggests that the former soldier did not treat his former employees in Tanzania fairly when running an expedition business in the country.

Mr. Rees-Evans did not make any comment on the latter two points.

There are eleven candidates in the race to become UKIP’s new leader and Mr. Rees-Evans if currently the fourth favourite with the Bookies. The result of the ballot will be revealed at the party’s autumn conference in Torquay at the end of September.

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