In Kipper Central’s first LIVE FEED we will be keeping this page updated with any breaking developments on the horrific terror attacks in Barcelona yesterday (Thursday) that have so far left 13 people confirmed dead and over 100 injured. A van driven by a suspected Jihadi drove into crowds in the Las Ramblas Boulevard, a popular area with tourists.

UPDATE: Police arrest a man in Turcu, Finland after reportedly stabbing several people whilst shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

UPDATE: Peter Whittle AM (UKIP Deputy Leader): ‘We must have total control of our borders. We should stop foreign funding of mosques and close those which encourage support for terrorism’

UPDATE: Death toll rises to 14 after victim of Cambrils attack dies. (see below)

UPDATE: Barcelona observes a minutes silence as police name Francisco Lopez Rodriguez, 60, from Granada as the first confirmed fatality.

UPDATE: Police name main suspect to be 17 year old Moussa Oukabir, brother of Driss Oukabir, who has already been arrested and who allegedly hired the van.

UPDATE: Police have now confirmed that the suicide vests worn by the five men shot in the early hours of this morning were all fake.

On this page we will be bringing you quotes from UKIP and other politicians and significant figures in relation to the attacks, as well as keeping you abreast of the police investigation.

What we know so far:

  • Islamic state claim ‘their soldiers’ carried out the attack.
  • Police say the main perpetrator is still at large.
  • Overnight five people were shot dead by police in Cambrils as they thwarted a second attack, seven people were injured in this incident
  • Three people have so far been arrested
  • Citizens of 24 different countries among the dead and injured
  • A Belgian national the first to be confirmed dead
  • France says 26 of its nationals injured, 11 seriously
  • No known French links to attackers, whom police say had no previous terror background

Nigel Farage told Tucker Carlson (Fox News): ‘There is a direct link between the number of those allowed into European countries and the terror attacks now blighting western civilisation’

Mariano Rajoy (Spanish Prime Minister): “I want to express the solidarity of Spain with the city of Barcelona, which today has been hit by the jihadist terrorism as before were hit other cities around the world,”

Anne Marie Waters (UKIP Leadership Candidate): ‘This is Jihad. Jihad is waged against non-Muslims to establish Sharia. You either accept Sharia or fight back’.

Paul Oakley (UKIP NEC): ‘Hope the latest fatuous ‘thoughts and prayers’ from politicians work better than the last ones. Or the ones before that.

Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Terrible reports from Barcelona. My thoughts are with those killed and injured, and the emergency services working to save lives’.

Arron Banks: ‘If politicians don’t wake up attacks like Barcelona will happen again and again and again. How many innocent people must die?

Theresa May: ‘I am sickened by the senseless loss of life in Barcelona today. The Foreign Office is working to establish if any British nationals were involved in this appalling incident and we are in close contact with the authorities in Spain, who have our full support.

‘Following the attacks in Manchester and London, Spain stood alongside the British people. Tonight, Britain stands with Spain against the evil of terrorism’.

Keep checking back for more on this breaking news story.

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