10 Reasons Why John Rees-Evans Should be UKIP Leader

1)Unique selling point of direct democracy

If there’s one question everyone is asking, it is: ‘What is UKIP for now?’ Brexit was just a stepping stone to bring power back to the British people. We now need to do something with that power. The logical next step in this process is for the public to ‘Be the Government’ – where big issues of the day can be settled with a national referendum. That’s how we won Brexit, and this is how we win further arguments on other issues.

2) Party reform

– UKIP Media: The party’s own media platform utilising social media and its own news website. This will be used to bypass the mainstream media and speak directly to voters.

– UKIP Connect: A social media platform allowing UKIP members to offer their expertise. Members will have a profile detailing their constituency, if they can design leaflets, record video etc.

– UKIP Direct: Members will be able to vote on party policy not just at a yearly conference, but on a website and through the post if they cannot access the internet.

– UKIP Affiliate: Members can get a 10% discount off businesses owned by party members – half goes to the party.

3) Proven record of accomplishment in business

John set up his own company, allowing him to retire early. He’s made a lot of money and been successful (Trump anyone?) This shows he knows how to lead people – something that is desperately needed in such a fractious entity as UKIP.

4) Charismatic speaker

He is already a great speechmaker, having had much practice around the country and standing in the last leadership election – just watch this.

5) A defender of British culture

In most of his addresses, John will mention the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights and Act of Settlement – something Nigel used to do. He defines our enemies well – those who fundamentally want to change Britain into something it is not, and never has been. Which brings me to the next point…

6) He is unafraid of tackling difficult issues

Whether that be radical Islam, identity politics, the NEC being unfit for purpose and a whole range of other issues. He is battle hardened from media appearances, especially from the last leadership election.

7) Technologically well-informed

If you haven’t yet seen the videos he’s made from the last leadership contest and all the many candidate videos he made, then do go and check them out: – complete with some badass hip hop (the man clearly has taste in music!)

8) A collaborator and team player

Something that may give him an advantage over our dear Nigel. One of the main criticisms was UKIP was ‘a one-man band’ – not true, as we’ve had quite a few people rise through the ranks, not to mention many hard-working activists. However, I believe he will open the party up to a more meritocratic way of doing things. UKIP Connect will allow people to build their profiles, and John himself is a great listener, just watch him answer questions from members.

9) Incredibly hard working

Probably second to only Nigel, this man is a political machine. During the 2017 General Election, which was, as we all know, an absolute write-off for us, he travelled the country with a tent making videos for candidates.

 10) He has very little baggage

If the worst thing the media can bring up that he has done in the past is a mischievous joke he made to an activist once, then the media and their buddies are well and truly screwed. The fact he isn’t an MEP or councillor also frees him up to dedicate his days to the members and the public, rather than being stuck in Brussels or a council chamber.

Please watch John’s leadership launch here

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