Barcelona Chief Rabbi Tells Jews To Quit Country – Says ‘Europe Lost To Radical Islam’

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The Chief Rabbi of Barcelona Meir Bar-Hen (pictured above) has called on all Jews in Europe to quit the continent, saying that it has been ‘lost to Radical Islam’. Encouraging them to move to Israel or other safer countries, the Rabbi said ‘Better get out early than late’.

In an interview with Jewish news agency JTA, he said: ‘I tell my congregants: Don’t think we’re here for good, and I encourage them to buy property in Israel’

‘This place is lost. Don’t repeat the mistake of Algerian Jews, of Venezuelan Jews. Better (get out) early than late. Europe is lost.’

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain did not to share Bar-Hen’s pessimistic outlook. The organization issued a statement Thursday, saying: ‘Spanish Jews trust the State Security Corps that work daily to prevent radical fanatics and Islamists from sowing chaos and pain in our cities.’

The group also urged politicians to ‘deal intelligently and determinedly with the struggle against fanaticism and in favor of freedom and democracy.’

The terrorists had originally planned to drive three vans packed with explosives into iconic parts of Barcelona including the Sagrada Familia cathedral, it has been reported.

Had their butane-filled gas containers not accidentally detonated the night before the atrocities on Thursday, the 12-person terror cell would have used them to maximise deaths in the tourist hotspots of the Spanish city, local media suggest.

Mr. Bar-Hen’s comments mirror those of author Douglas Murray, whose recent highly acclaimed work The Strange Death of Europe also paints a pessimistic picture of a Europe already past the point of no return.

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  1. Ian Edwards says:

    He’s not wrong! Western Europe is lost, Central and Eastern Europe are now what’s left of Europe.

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