Is this the “end” of the Trump Presidency? 

Leaving office, by “mutual consent” with the White House, Steve Bannon declared:






The Trump Presidency we fought for and won is over


On one level this is hard to hear and confirms something I felt a while ago; that losing Bannon would be a personal red-line for me. I disagreed with Trump over North Korea and Syria but still felt that there is so much of value in his Presidency but Bannon was the guarantor of that. However, despite Bannon’s departure I do still feel there is value in his Presidency (something Bannon himself recognises, more later)

Trump is fighting a daily war against globalism and an unbelievably biased media. His remarks in response to the Charlottesville outrage merely attempted to introduce some balance into an unbalanced narrative yet he was, predictably, pillioried by all sides including his own. Of course, the brought and paid for globalist warriors at ANTIFA had to emerge as pristine while the opposing patriots had to be, to a man, be condemned as irredeemably ‘evil’. The drumbeat towards civil insurrection both by implication with a nod and wink from Democratic Party top brass, subtly delegitimsing the Trump Presidency and providing a Roman pretext for civil unrest and the increasing militarisation of ANTIFA is as loud as it is disturbing.

This is one good reason Steve Bannon has decided to beat a strategic retreat back to BreitBart. Let’s be honest he was always on a hiding to nothing in the White House. The real war on is as much in the corridors of people’s minds as the corridors of power. He has his hands “back on his weapons” and no one can really deny that this is the best place for them to be.

Economically Trump is delivering, especially in the important area, economic confidence. Sometimes how people feel about the economy is just as, if not more, important than how a economy is performing. If people feel good then modest performance can become marvellous (though it can’t make poor performance brilliant, this is maths, not magic). So, Trumps critics can claim that, in fact, the US economy is only performing moderately well, the truth is it won’t matter as long as people feel good about the direction of travel and confidence is a motor of economic growth in and of itself.

People will also tolerate a lot for the good economic vibe and performance. So, although they wag their finger at the President in opinion polls, because that is what they think society expects of them, that won’t stop them using the secrecy of the ballot box to keep the good times a rolling. Trump has always had that ‘shy’ supporter tendency as well because truth be told he says and does a lot of things that people know the establishment frowns upon but they actually secretly agree with or like.

So, in conclusion, is this Presidency over? I think it’s best to leave the conclusion with the man who started this article, Mr Steve Bannon:

And there’ll be all kinds of fights and there’ll be good days and bad days

It is certainly the closing of a distinct chapter but the book is still being written.

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