BREAKING NEWS: Bill Etheridge MEP backs John Rees-Evans for UKIP Leader

Bill Etheridge MEP has announced today that he is backing John Rees Evans to be the next leader of UKIP. I think it is fair to say that ever since he announced he was withdrawing from the contest, Mr Etheridge has been through some very public soul searching, posting almost daily video reflections to his Facebook page, obviously a great deal of thought lies behind this decision. Initially, his stated preference was for four candidates, David Coburn MEP, Jane Collins MEP, Ben Walker and John Rees Evans to engage in a dialogue and unite behind a common candidate. However, it has become increasingly clear that this is simply not going to happen.

Speaking at a press conference in Wolverhampton Mr Etheridge said that he believes John Rees Evans will “lead UKIP into a position where it is challenging for seats at Westminster” and that he will “open our eyes to new ideas” and that this marks his “return to the fray”.

John Rees Evans thanked Mr Etheridge for his support and said that he was “particularly touched” by Bills endorsement due to his selfless conduct during the leadership contest. He announced that Bill would “God willing” be his Deputy Leader with special responsibility for policy and implementing UKIP Direct.

How this will affect an increasingly volatile leadership contest is hard to tell. Watch this space!!

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